I was eating dinner at the FFC the other day when my friend mentioned that, seeing as the semester was already half over, we were 1/16 of the way through our entire college experience. This came as a bit of a shock–it may not seem like much, but it meant I was one-fourth of the way through the year. One-fourth of the way through my time in Wolman 2 east, of my 19-swipes-a-week meal plan, of being a new, inexperienced freshman. It got me wondering: where has all the time gone? To find out, I decided to document every single thing I did in one day. Without further ado:

7:56 – Wake up, drag myself out of bed, get ready for the day. I check the weather and decide I don’t need a jacket, again. The temperature got into the 80’s last week, which I, a born-and-raised New Englander, found extremely unsettling.


I have a dairy, a fruit, and a grain.

8:15 – Meet up with my friends Kaitlin and Billy in the Wolman lobby and walk to the FFC for breakfast. Though tempted by pancakes, croissants, and cinnamon rolls, I decide to be healthy.
8:45 – Leave the FFC and head to Brody. My first class isn’t until 10, so I can get in a good hour of studying for my Intro to Cognitive Neuropsychology exam tomorrow.
9:53 – Leave Brody and make my way to Gilman for Advanced Spanish I. With only 6 people, this is my smallest class, which I enjoy, though it means I have to participate more than most classes.


Gilman Hall

11:00 – Calc I in Shaffer, my second and final class of the day.


Shaffer isn’t quite as impressive as                                Gilman.

11:50 – Leave Shaffer and head back to the FFC to meet Teya and Parth for lunch.


I had a salad, which balances out the 2 helpings of cheese dip.

12:54 – Get some more studying done on a comfy red chair in Mudd.
2:00 – Bike to work. I work at the Village Learning Place, an after-school program for elementary schoolers. The job can be stressful at times, since 5th and 6th graders can be . . . unpredictable, but it’s rewarding and a relatively low time commitment.
5:45 – Leave work. The return trip is all uphill, so I’m panting by the time I get back to Wolman.



The lecturer showed a lot of pictures of pretty houses.

6:00 – Attend a lecture on the architecture and city planning of Baltimore. I’m there to cover the event for the News-Letter, but it’s an interesting topic and I find myself learning many new things about the city I now call home.
7:15 – head back to Wolman to take a break and regroup after a long day.
8:00 – go out to the common room with Zooey and Teya to do some homework and more studying for tomorrow’s exam.
11:10 – I haven’t eaten since noon so Teya and I head to late night. When I see they have waffle fries, any attempts to be healthy are promptly abandoned.


The apple cinnamon french toast was also amazing.

11:40 – Back to Wolman for more studying.
12:15 – Finish work for the night. Go back to my room, get ready for bed, eventually manage to actually go to sleep.

All listed out, it may look like a lot, but the day honestly flew by, as have the past few weeks and months. I know I’m still a freshman, and my college career has barely begun, but I can’t help feeling that before I know it, that 1/16 will turn into 1/8, then 1/4, then 1/2 . . .

I decide to stop worrying about fractions and focus on making the most of each day. Busy or relaxing, boring or exciting, every moment has something new and amazing to offer.