To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

This is my first year spending the entirety of my winter break and Intersession back home in Delaware, and I’ve tried my best to not be a degenerate, but I would definitely say I spent the majority of my time in hibernation.

There were some highlights, though. I cooked a lot, applied to some internships, added projects to my Github, welcomed one half of #Joebama back home, saw some old friends, and am almost finished with an online Java course.

And once I get back to Baltimore, there’s things I’ll still need to continue, and new things I want to do. I know things is like the least descriptive word possible and all of my past English teachers would kill me, but all of the things (ugh) that I plan on doing are all pretty random and unrelated that I don’t know what to call them. I really wouldn’t call them resolutions: some of them are just really important items on my to-do list, others are attempts at positive lifestyle changes. Anyways, here are these things:


I plan on dusting off my DSLR camera that I found in my closet and bringing it to Baltimore with me. I used to love taking photos, first with my camera, and then with my phone. Then, for some reason, I kind of stopped. I don’t really know why. Currently, phone’s Camera Roll is all screenshots and memes. I miss taking photos just to take photos. I think this will help feed the creative half of my brain. He seems hungry.


Yup. Water is good for you for like way too many reasons, and I’m really bad at getting enough water throughout the day. My cousin got me a cool, trendy Hydroflask for Christmas, so if I drink three full Hydroflasks worth of water a day, I’ll call it a success! Real tip: use drinking water as a procrastination tool for studying.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. But really. I haven’t really followed any sort of exercise plan since I ran my half-marathon in October (oops). I used to follow a pretty consistent lifting routine, but before I started training for the half, I was getting bored of the same thing. I need to do some research because I want to change it up. Maybe it’s time to try out those battle ropes I’ve always wanted to use, but never knew how to.


Thanks to all of the environmental health classes I’ve taken last semester, I know eating meatless is a really effective to lessen your personal carbon footprint. Plus, eating meatless at least once a week will save me money and challenge me to try and make some more humane magic in the kitchen.


Aaaannnd on the exact opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve wanted to have a Korean bbq night at my house with a bunch of my friends for the longest time. My friend and I love watching Maangchi’s videos on YouTube and I’ve been inspired! One of my housemates has an electric skillet that I think will be perfect for the tabletop cooking.


Hire me, please.


They’re a black hole of negativity and usually, ignorance. I waste so much time reading what people say and just end up getting really mad for no good reason. Not productive or helpful to me in any way, shape, or form.


I’ve loved living in my house this past year, but we learned a couple of weeks ago that our landlord is selling the property, so my housemates and I are going to need to find a new place. The group of guys I’m living with is switching up a bit, but I’m excited to live with my friend Andrew next year, one of my first friends I ever made on campus. So sentimental.


(And better.) I really want this semester to be the one where I finally internalize that staying up super late and waking up right before noon might not be the best sleep schedule for myself. I have some 9ams this semester, so I am really trying to get in the habit of sleeping early and waking up early.


Every day, I am thankful that my friends have such an amazing taste in music. From creating collaborative Spotify playlists, to sharing Pitchfork reviews, to listening to my friends’ radio shows on WJHU, there’s no excuse for me to listen to the same song the entire day… unless it’s 00000 Million.


My cousin gave me a Moleskine and I want to use it for really whatever: to-do lists, notes, random ideas, recipes, doodles, sketches, angry rants. I already set up my journal like a Bullet Journal, a system that seems easy, efficient, and very flexible, so let’s see if I stick with it.


Random ideas in my journal turn into side projects I want to get my hands dirty with. From graphic design, to data analyses, to apps, there’s so much I want to do that’s not really a part of (but definitely has been influenced by) my coursework.


Described on their website as a “launch pad for Baltimore’s most exciting chefs”, R. House is a newly opened food hall (like a food court, but better?) in Remington (right next to campus!) that features new chefs on the food scene. From what I’ve learned, it’s like a market with a bunch of different individual stalls that feature a different chef and their cuisine. Funny enough, someone described it to me as “kind of like the FFC”. Sounds accurate.


I am 100% serious that this is a real goal of mine.


Inspired by the many demonstrations, protests, and marches happening around the world, I want to help out at a local organization for a cause I support, whether it’s through Hopkins or just through the city itself.


Some of my friends and I have preliminary plans of going to the West Coast for spring break and visiting San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, but we haven’t settled any details yet. I really don’t want anything to fall through so we need to get on this!


This is the last semester I’ll get with my senior friends, and I need to spend as much time with them as I can before they get annoyed with me and then graduate… and then I become a senior myself…