To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Bad days are inevitable. Here’s what I do when they happen:

  1. Stop doing work. I won’t be productive, and I won’t feel any happier when I’m doing it.
  2. Down a bowl of pho. Or ramen, depending on the day. Choose your comfort food. Then eat it.
  3. Watch an episode of The Office. Fire drill episode highly recommended.
  4. Listen to Blonde. Poolside convo ’bout this really bad day that’s almost over soon.
  5. Take a walk. Or a run. Depending on your energy level.
  6. Take a nap. They help.
  7. FaceTime a friend. 
  8. Get a mani/pedi. I’ve never done this, but four of my (male) friends did this. They said it was dope.
  9. Grab a scoop of Mint Mountain. Current favorite flavor from the Charmery. Speaking from personal experience, this is a cure-all.
  10. Clear my desktop. Highly satisfying.
  11. Edit photos. This might be a very Quan-specific favorite pastime.
  12. Play Catan. I haven’t played a game of Catan since the summer, and I could really go for one right now.
  13. Clean my living space. Clear space, clear mind? People say that, right?
  14. Plan a trip. #SB2K17 must live up to #SB2K16.
  15. Watch cooking videos. Or just binge-watch @emmymadeinjapan taste snacks from around the world.
  16. Find new music. There’s a lot of new albums I still need to listen to. Perfect time to go through them!
  17. Cook a meal for myself. Once I finish watching cooking videos, I usually feel the need to attempt something in the kitchen for myself.
  18. Watch some stand-up. I am not a big stand-up guy, but recently my friends have been showing me some fantastic HBO specials. I highly recommend Sarah Silverman and Louis C.K.
  19. Take a long shower. To date, two of my housemates have vouched for showering in the dark? Is that weird? I might have to try it.
  20. Leave if needed. Sometimes, you just need to leave campus. True story.

I think everyone reaches a point in the semester where everything just piles up: school, clubs, life in general. Fall Break seems to come at the perfect time — right when everyone just about needs it. Including me.