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You could say I was less than pleased to step on the plane back to Baltimore this past weekend. Leaving home felt more difficult this year, which made me feel a little dramatic. After all, in about 2.5 weeks I’ll be right back in my bed and listening to my mom worry that I’m not eating enough (very false). I could pretend to wonder why I was feeling so down, but it boils down to one simple fact: I, like many students across America, did not do one shred of work over Thanksgiving Break.


yes, this.

It was a true vacation; I pushed my books off to the side and only opened my computer for Netflix. I glanced at my planner and instead of crossing something off my to-do list, ate about twice my body weight. Now I’m not saying I regret any of this. Thanksgiving came at a time when I needed a little break, and I had a lot of fun with my family. But now, I have to deal with the consequences. I have to get back in the zone for the last push of finals, before I can kick back again. Unfortunately, being me, this means compiling an impossibly large list of things I ask myself to do, and of course, stressing out about it. Here, without further ado and in the order of my stream of consciousness, are 20 questions I ask(ed) myself as finals loom closer:

  1. Is there food in the fridge?
  2. Do I have clean laundry?
  3. What do I have to do today?
  4. What do I have due tomorrow?
  5. Is that Sci Comm paper due next week?
  6. Did I check my email?
  7. Did I ever find something to do for intersession?
  8. Ugh, do I have a meeting tonight? Tomorrow?
  9. Should I read that Genetics chapter tonight?
  10. Can I push the reading to tomorrow so I can start the paper?
  11. Wait, do I have two papers?
  12. This is a lot to think about…should I work out?
  13. Or should I just go back to sleep?
  14. I should outline my papers…can I outline tonight and then finish later?
  15. Do I actually have enough time to get to the Med Campus today?
  16. Did I do the Genetics post-lab questions?
  17. Crap, did I book my tickets home for winter break?
  18. I should start reviewing for my neuro test next week, right?
  19. Wait…did I plan that group activity this weekend?
  20. Did I write this in my planner?

I’m wishing these were all an easy yes or no, but it’ll get done. I just have to remember to take it one step at a time…and my planner will help me. Here I go.