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Hello world!

I cannot believe that it is already April! This spring semester has gone by so quickly! Even quicker than fall semester! And to think that I’m going to be a sophomore soon? 

Anyways, my good friend and blogger Taharat recently wrote to the incoming Class of 2023 giving some advice; go check out her post here! I thought that I would also write to the Class of 2023, giving them something to look forward to!

Here are some moments so far that I will never forget from freshman year and you probably won’t too once you get here.

  1. The moment that you step on campus in August and start to see the leaves changing color.
  2. The moment that you first move in and see your dorm room.
  3. The moment that you say goodbye to your family.
  4. The moment that you step on to the field and meet your FYM group.
  5. The moment that you first explore Baltimore on Baltimore Day during O-Week.
  6. The moment that you first swipe into the FFC.
  7. The moment that you walk into your first college class.
  8. The moment that you first explore Brody and take in the energy.
  9. The moment that you pull your first all-nighter.
  10. The moment that you discover the underpass shortcut from Brody to Levering and your life is forever changed.
  11. The moment that you take your first college midterm.
  12. The moment that you join your first club at Student Involvement Fair and feel like you’re about to change the world.
  13. The moment that you sit on the Beach for the first time and soak in the sun.
  14. The moment that you see Gilman light up on the night of the Lighting of the Quads.
  15. The moment that you go to your first concert on the Beach.
  16. The moment right before spring semester class registration. The adrenaline. The tension in your finger before hitting register. Your eyes focused on the time to click right when it hits 7:00:00 AM.
  17. The moment that you see a tour group walking through Brody and stop and think “That was me like a year ago.”
  18. The moment that you hop up onto the Hopkins sign, look at it, and remember that “Oh yeah, I go to THE Johns Hopkins.”
  19. The moment that you hear back from that lab and find out that you got the research position. 
  20. The moment that you see SOHOP students walking around campus and once again realize “Wait. That was me a year ago too. Has it already been a semester and a half?”
  21. The moment when you’re with your friends at night on the Hopkins sign, the Wolman Theatre, or a random Brody room, and you realize “These are going to be my lifelong friends. The ones that I will refer to as my ‘friends from college.'”
  22. The moment that you are grateful for the distribution credit system because without it you wouldn’t have found your major. 
  23. The moment that you start to feel Hopkins becoming your home.

As you can see there are a lot of moments here that I believe most freshman can relate to as well. Obviously, we each have a lot of more unique moments that have been crucial to our growth. This first year has been unforgettable, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.