How to be a good friend                                          

 College teaches you how to be a good friend, mostly because you are responsible for your own friendships. You learn very quickly that you honestly can choose who you surround yourself with, and if you even want to surround yourself with anyone. You learn that being a good friend is grabbing someone’s j-card when they are locked out of the dorms. You learn that being a good friend is throwing a few extra cookies in your to-go box at the FFC for your friends who have exams. You learn that being a good is letting a friend wait in your room, while only wearing a towel, after being locked out of their dorm room. You learn that being a good friend is just about being there.

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Sleep is precious    

 In college, sleep becomes the most valuable commodity in your life. You will soon learn all of the best places to nap on campus, and yes, most of them will not be in your dorm room. Your twin xl mattress quickly becomes your sanctuary. You will learn the true beauty of snoozing your alarm. Lastly, and most importantly, you will learn that anyone who wakes you up is your enemy.

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 Free food is good food

 No matter how much money you have, how full you are, or how little you have worked out that week, free food is an opportunity that you just don’t pass up. Whether it was donuts on the breezeway, unlimited food at the FFC, or going to speeches and presentations for free pizza, you will learn that the freshman fifteen is no myth, and is actually less expensive than it sounds.

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Time flies

 Time becomes your best friend and your greatest enemy from day one. You learn that sleeping five extra minutes can make you ten minutes late to class. You learn that an hour with friends can create a lifetime of memories. Mostly, you learn that your first year of college does fly by. You quickly go from missing home to missing Homewood in what seems like the blink of an eye.