I’m almost halfway done with college.

This is slowly making itself more apparent as friends are solidifying off-campus housing plans, officially declaring their majors, meeting potential Littles in Greek Life, and preparing to study abroad. As I’m going into my fourth semester at Hopkins, many things are on my mind: job applications, summer plans (or lack thereof), the 150+ pages of reading for this weekend, debating whether to study abroad or to pursue a social policy minor, planning for spring break, etc. Everything on that list pertains to the future. Not that thinking about our future isn’t important (it totally is), but one thing that I really want to do more of this semester is to take the time to appreciate my time at Hopkins, because if you ask me, these past two years flew by. So here’s a list of moments on campus that have made me smile this past week.

This week’s happy moments:

  • Hanging out with friends on the Beach because it was 70 degrees in February
  • Petting the cutest beagle on said Beach
  • Helplessly failing at Learning Eminem’s “Rap God” with my roommates for two hours straight
  • Finding a packet of fruit snacks hidden in my bag between my late night classes
  • Scoring free Ledo’s pizza
  • Finding a new favorite cubicle on A level (What? Bri’s not on C level?)
  • Discovering Bamboo Cafe’s Banh Mi Sandwich