1. Know your Jay

Jay, our mascot, stands proud in front of the Fresh Food Café. Apart from being an awesome mascot, he also acts as the voice of the Hopkins community. Notice how he changes clothes to support social causes, and promote campus events!

  1. Study in style

To actually get work done, most students head straight to C level to do away with all distractions. Although, informed students tend to use the Hutzler Reading Room – fondly called the HUT- in Gilman with its high ceilings and beautiful glass-stained windows.

  1. Need for Speed

Finding a bathroom in Gilman Hall can be really frustrating especially for students who don’t have a lot of classes there. Apparently, all male restrooms are on the far-left side of Gilman and the female restrooms to the far-right. Let’s just say that you wouldn’t want to be stuck in class on the wrong side.

  1. Culture Ninjas

We have students and faculty from all around the globe, here at Hopkins. Take this as an opportunity to immerse yourself into a multitude of cultures and gain an even broader perspective. Appreciate different mindsets and cultures, and eat the free food!


  1. Last clean shirt

Doing your own laundry incollege is hyped up to be a really challenging task but it’s actually really simple. Press the right buttons though! You don’t want to be wringing the water out of two weeks’ worth of laundry an hour before your midterm.

Yes, that happened.

Thanks for reading y’all!

Until next time!