To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.
  1. Maxie’s garlic knots are the biggest bargain in Charles Village (6 for $2.50!!)
  2. As a TA, nothing makes you happier than a correctly formatted paper
  3. Sometimes, you just gotta skip class and go to DC museums

    Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.56.43 PM

    I played hooky to see Infinite Kusama at the Hirshhorn in DC

  4. Living with your best friend is a luxury that will cause disappointing roommates for years to come
  5. Nothing beats the view from the roof of Krieger
  6. Silent film is a bit of a misnomer and never really existed; there was always some kind of musical accompaniment
  7. There’s nothing a bag of Uni Mini fries and a nap can’t cure
  8. People tout study abroad as the end-all-be-all; you’ll be just fine without it
  9. Baltimore is complicated, but that won’t keep you from loving itIMG_9625
  10. The expensive salads and empanadas from Alkimia are worth it
  11. Films place you as a participant in the narrative and viewing experience through identification with the camera apparatus
  12. Professors can totally be your friends (but they still deserve respect!)
  13. If you become a regular purchaser of gin at Eddie’s, you’ll get free limes
  14. You’ll become possessive of certain study spots (@Q-level brown chairs, the Alkimia side of Gilman atrium)
  15. Snow days are the perfect excuse for a pilgrimage to Pete’s Grille

    Emelynn and I braving the snow to get some Pete's pancakes

    Emelynn and me braving the snow to get some Pete’s pancakes

  16. Your J-Card becomes obsolete senior year because you no longer swipe into dorms, and you avoid the library like the plague
  17. Your classmates will sometimes challenge and frustrate you, but it’s a learning opportunity
  18. Free & For Sale and Buying and Selling for Girls at Hopkins will save you during that pre-paycheck slump (I practically ran a clothing black market)
  19. How to actually write a decent, thoughtful paper
  20. Always get to know the security guards and janitorial staff
  21. Only get the chicken on stick (not chicken on a stick) at Spring Fair


    Spring Fair vibes

  22. A nice day means ditching homework and sitting on the Beach
  23. The first walk through the Breezeway will make you officially feel like a ~college student~
  24. You’ll feel the greatest Baltimore pride when yelling “O!” during the National Anthem at an Orioles game
  25. Clavel’s happy hour is the epitome of ballin’ on a budget
  26. Modern Alchemy is the closest you’ll ever get to being on a game show
  27. Using many different colored pens will keep you awake and attentive during long seminars
  28. Everyone will celebrate a birthday at Iggie’s
  29. Walking to the Charmery through Wyman Park is a great way to quickly step off-campus

    The Charmery

    The Charmery

  30. Stressbusters offers free shoulder massages in the library every Monday
  31. The Blue Jay shuttle, JHMI, and the Charm City Circulator will take you anywhere you need to go
  32. You can use your Hopkins student status to get free Microsoft Office and Financial Times, discounts at ASOS, cheap National Aquarium tickets, and more
  33. You don’t need to buy textbooks (the library has all the ones you’ll ever need, and you’d be amazed how willing people are to share)
  34. “Show, don’t tell”
  35. There are many dogs that regularly walk around campus, and befriending them will improve your quality of life tenfold


    Amadeus the st bernard is a campus celebrity. Here he is as a silly puppy

  36. Nothing beats how collegiate campus feels in fall
  37. A Reading Room seat is prime real estate during peak study hours, and giving someone your seat is a favor you can milk
  38. If you spill earl grey tea on your laptop, turn it off, take off the back, and lightly blow dry it
  39. Brody Cafe’s medium and large cold cups are the same size
  40. If you feel stuck, cut your hair (Carrie at Sprout in Hampden is the best)
  41. How my boy Hitchcock avoided the Hays code in this famous scene by having Bergman and Grant break apart every few seconds
  42. Trohv and In Watermelon Sugar are the best places to get great gifts (for yourself or others)
  43. Go easy on yourself
  44. How to perfectly time the “1, 2, 3, 4, we want more” chant at Hopkins lacrosse games

    Mommy & me cheering on the Blue Jays

    Mommy & me cheering on the Blue Jays

  45. As an artist, embracing and exploring your perspective is the best thing you can do for yourself
  46. Surround yourself with people who genuinely believe in you
  47. The best memories and experiences come from when you throw caution to the wind
  48. How to say no
  49. Exploring Baltimore and getting to know the city is as important as your class assignments
  50. College is weird and wonderful, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my time anywhere else