To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Even though it may have snowed yesterday, I can’t help getting excited for the warmer days ahead. There’s something so special about Hopkins in the springtime – maybe its the warmer, sunnier weather, but last year there seemed to be such an upbeat atmosphere that permeated campus. So, since Hopkins in the spring is coming up fast, I thought I’d share 8 things I’m looking forward to.

  1. Hanging up my winter coat – My black puffy coat is a necessity for the winter, and though it does its job of keeping me warm very well, I can’t wait for the days where I don’t have to worry about bundling up in a million layers before I leave my room.
  2. Chilling on the Beach – When the weather gets warmer, Hopkins students flock to the Beach to soak up the sun and hang out with friends. Though I find I never get as much any work done, I figure it’s good for the soul.
  3. Dogs – This might not be a Hopkins specific thing, but as an avid dog lover and Dogspotting fan, I love seeing people walking their dogs through campus in the warmer months. There’s definitely a few Hopkins celebrities (Amadeus!!) that I’m looking forward to seeing again.
  4. Lacrosse games – Hopkins is known for lacrosse, and even though I’d never seen a game of lacrosse till last year and am not very literate in the sport, they are a ton of fun to watch. Plus, you can rack up the Blue Jay Reward Points to get some free t-shirts!
  5. Homecoming Weekend – This ties in with #4 because Homecoming is a lacrosse game, but Homecoming is extra special because our coach on the swim team hosts a team barbecue. Since we are on off-season, it’s a great way to get everyone back at the same at the same time for once!
  6. Spring Break – Although I’m not going anywhere nearly as exciting as I did last year (tb to Cancun), I’m excited to go home for spring break this year. A few of my friends from home will also be in town that weekend, so I’m excited to hang out with them and chill with my family!
  7. O’s games – Again, not much of a sports person, but last year some of the highlights of my Spring and Summer were going to Friday night Orioles games. Tickets are only $7 for Hopkins students on Fridays, and even if you don’t spend that much time watching the games, it’s great to hang out with friends and become an Orioles superfan for the night. Let’s go O’s!!
  8. Spring Fair – Spring Fair is the epitome of the Hopkins Spring. The Freshman Quad is covered by food vendors and stands, there’s a big concert, music on the beach, and good times all around. I can’t wait to get some frozen lemonade, chicken on stick, and funnel cakes!