A historian, an engineer, and a future doctor sit down at a table.

The conversation begins with opinions of last night’s Justin Bieber roast, then makes its way to the future of Missy Elliot’s career, with stops at the historical accuracy of the Brad Pitt film Fury and the day’s political news.


the historian



the future doctor


As weird as it may seem, this is a fairly typical sampling of lunchtime conversation topics.

One of my favorite parts of going to school at Hopkins is the variety of people who make conversations and experiences like this possible. Every student here has a unique interest and expertise and is extremely passionate about whatever the topic may be. I’d even be willing to bet that I’ve learned more from talking to my peers about what they do than I have in my classes, which is due entirely to the wealth of passionate students here.

I’ve talked a little bit about what made me choose Hopkins in the first place, such as the research opportunities, excellent BME program, and an unfortunate slip outside of Shriver Hall. When looking at schools, Hopkins ticked every one of the boxes on my list. Medium sized? Check. Self-contained, beautiful campus in the middle of the city? Check. Abundance of coffee shops? Check.

Strangely enough, my now favorite aspect of life at Hopkins was never a part of this list.

Obviously I knew that an institution like Hopkins was full of very smart, motivated, and passionate students, but I never considered how much being in a community like this would affect me. I love being around the culture of students pursuing what they love and truly believe that this culture has pushed me to become more involved in everything I do.

It’s amazing when I think about the fact that I have friends pursuing equally amazing and equally different interests, projects, and areas of study. I have friends doing their own cancer research, receiving grants to look at architecture in Spain, doing engineering projects in Ecuador, and so much more.

At the same time, these are the same people with which I marathon seasons of Parks & Rec on Netflix, dance around to Ultimate from Freaky Friday, and exchange unfortunate Snap Chats.


my roommate cristina ft. some seasonal gourds


Everyone I know here is a friend and peer first and researcher/ developer/ do-er of amazing things second, and that’s what I believe sets Hopkins apart from other schools. On the surface, it’s full of normal almost-adults in the search for education and free pizza on campus. But that person who just walked past you on the breezeway is without a doubt doing amazing research or pursing something fascinating that you’ve probably never thought about before.

So in summary, why Hopkins?

Hopkins because it’s one of the few places where it is natural to go from talking about Pinot Noir from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to the pros and cons of generic drugs and back again to why Kate McKinnon is the best current SNL cast member.

Hopkins because of the contagious passion and motivation of the students and because of the opportunities it offers.

Hopkins because, as cheesy at it sounds, I couldn’t see myself thriving anywhere else.


also Hopkins because we have a pretty sweet geo-tag