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As I have discussed previously in “The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Between JHU and DC” traveling to a variety of cities from Baltimore can be done easily. I believe that Baltimore’s fantastic location relative to other major US cities is a major advantage for a traveling college student like myself. This spring break I spent some time at home in Orlando, Florida enjoying the great weather, food, and family. After a delightful visit home, I returned to Baltimore early and spent my final weekend of Spring Break in New York City. The following is a photo gallery of my visit followed by how I travel to New York and some extra travel tips as well.

Columbia University library.

Columbia University metro stop.

Columbia University library.

Arriving at Columbia University, where I would stay, to meet my lovely friend Maria Pagane, a freshman Neuroscience major and member of the softball team. Shortly after, our dear friend Carolyne Davidson would arrive. She is a freshman Economics major at Princeton University and a member of the soccer team. I enjoyed strolling Columbia’s campus and experiencing a glimpse of the daily life of my friend Maria.

Times Square.

A delicious açaí bowl.

We headed downtown for acai bowls and passed some iconic New York sights on the way there.

Impressionistic art piece of busy town street.

Atrium in the MET.

Impressionism art piece of mountains.

Me gazing upon Washington Crossing the Delaware.

My friends Maria, Carolyne, and I.

In the evening we proceeded to the MET which was a wonderful experience. I saw a myriad of fantastic pieces and enjoyed strolling the galleries with my friends. I particularly enjoyed their extensive collection of impressionism and modern art.

Exterior of Tom's restaurant.

Brunch at Tom's restaurant.

The Saturday following began with a classic brunch at Tom’s Restaurant, which to our surprise was the diner from Seinfeld.

My friend Maria Pagane at her softball game.

We then watched Maria, who leads the Ivy League in home runs, at her games during the afternoon.

Me outside the Brooks Brothers flagship on Madison Ave.

A delicious flat white.

Stopping by the original Brooks Brothers on Madison Ave was a pleasure as Brooks Brothers is my favorite men’s fashion line and their headquarters was a magnificent 4 levels. Followed by a flat white at Blue Bottle Coffee at Rockefeller Plaza, I thought the day could not get any better.

Grand Central Station ceiling and windows.

Grand Central Station metro stop.


We then stopped by the iconic Grand Central Station to head south to Chinatown for dinner. We ate at a popular spot called Joe’s Shanghai Restuarant and I enjoyed soup dumplings for the first time.

A great bagel.

Sunday morning we had bagels at Nussbaum & Wu a chic cafe near campus before heading to the MoMA.

A Dali painting at the MoMA.

Exterior sign of the MoMA.

Starry Night at the MoMA.

Once again, I enjoyed the large collections at the MoMA. Viewing “Starry Night” first hand was a powerful experience.

Evening view of Gilman Hall

Departing on Sunday afternoon back to Baltimore, I reflected on the unique privilege I have to travel so frequently and with ease. I truly believe that exploring different areas and cities is critical for young people. I am extremely fortunate to attend a university in the diverse, incredible city of Baltimore which is in proximity to many other great cities as well. Returning to campus I was greeted by the majestic Gilman clocktower, reminding me once again that I was home.

From Johns Hopkins to Columbia University:

(1) UBER from JHU Homewood Campus to Baltimore Penn Station (~10 minutes) or Homewood-Peabody JMHI (~15 minutes)

(2) Take BOLT Bus from 1578 Maryland Ave. (Near Baltimore Penn Station) to
11th Ave & W. 36th St. (Near New York Javits Convention Center) (~3.5 hrs depending on traffic)

(3) Take NY Subway 7 Train from 34th St.-Hudson Yards to Times Square-42 St., Queens-bound train toward Flushing-Main St (3 minute ride, comes every 4-8 minutes)

(4) Transfer to 1 Train from Times Square-42 St. to 116 St.-Columbia University toward Van Cortland Park-242 St. (15 minute ride, comes every 5 minutes)

(5) Arrive at Columbia University

From Columbia University to Johns Hopkins University:

(1) Take 1 Train from 116 St.-Columbia Universty to Times Sq.-42 St., Downtown toward South Ferry. (15 minute ride, comes every 6 minutes)

(2) Transfer to 7 Train at Times Square-42 St. to 34 St.-Hudson Yards (4 minute ride, comes every 4 minutes)

(3) Take BOLT Bus from 11th Ave & W. 36th St. (Near New York Javits Convention Center) to 1578 Maryland Ave. (Near Baltimore Penn Station) to (~3.5 hrs depending on traffic)

(4) Exit Penn Station Baltimore and take UBER to JHU Homewood Campus (~10 minutes) or Homewood-Peabody JMHI (~15 minutes)

In total getting to Columbia from Johns Hopkins takes just over 4.5 hours, and it is a very simple trip. The BOLT buses all have air conditioning, wifi, and electrical slots for charging. If booked far enough in advance, tickets can sometimes sell for as low as $1 though they generally range between $20-$40 per way. I recommend purchasing a New York Metro Card with ample trips so that travel around the city is a breeze. I spent about $25 for the weekend on my New York Metro Card. I have found my noise-canceling headphones and this superb neck pillow to be an effective combination in allowing me quality sleep on buses, trains, and airplanes. With free transportation around the city including Baltimore Penn Station and in proximity to a variety of other great cities, Johns Hopkins is the best home base out there. See my other blog on how to travel to Washington DC here. I hope you have enjoyed this post!

“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret” -Oscar Wilde