Thanksgiving: the holiday of food, family, friends, laziness, and more food. At home in St. Louis, our extended community of friends has the tradition of heading over to my auntie’s house to eat more than we can physically handle. The fun continues, as after the crowd leaves, my family stays back to play a rowdy game of Scattergories or Taboo and somehow eat more pie and banana bread before calling it a night and heading home. Celebrating Thanksgiving this way has been a constant in my life, but this year, it changed. This year, my friend Ellie and I stayed in Baltimore for our glorious, relaxing, and peaceful week of Thanksgiving break.


When we would tell people of our plans to stay at school, we were met with a look of pity, but we knew it would be fun. We resolved to explore Baltimore, DC and basically go where the wind would take us. We also decided to take pictures of almost every activity/meal we ate to prove that we were having a fantastic week. The general theme of the week was eating a ton of food, but here are some pictures capturing our week:


Day 1: Saturday

I woke up at 4PM. No joke. But even though I was a functioning human being for only about 8 hours, we accomplished quite a bit.


Yum tried a new Pho place in Mount Vernon and it was delicious


Ellie taking a picture of her crepe at Sofi’s Crepes–which was delicious, it was my first time going! We also ate froyo before coming to Sofi’s crepes (toooo much good foooood)


Saw “The Theory of Everything” at the Historic Charles Theatre!


Day 2: Sunday

Explored B’more! We went to Fells Point.


Started the day off at Jimmy’s in Fells Point, one of my favorite spots in Baltimore–and a Baltimore favorite! Some of the best diner food I’ve had



The really cool tourist center/museum in Fells Point! Had a lot of historic artifacts and it was really interesting!


Trying to be artsy and gazing out onto the water at Fells. But really, it was gorgeous, I’m so glad we spent the day exploring the cobblestone streets

Day 3: Monday

It was 70 degrees!! WHAT?!? So we went to DC, mainly to explore the Smithsonian National Art Gallery


Ate in Chinatown…are you even surprised that we started with food?


One of my favorite paintings by Renoir

photo (1) copy 4

We have a tradition of imitating art in museums. Here is my embarrassing contribution

ellie imitates

Ellie nailed this imitation


You can take the girl out of Missouri but you can’t take the Missouri out of the girl


On our way to Lincoln


Day 4: Tuesday

We decided to be productive and go to the library to try and get some work done. So not too exciting…but that didn’t stop us from making food.


Breakfast of Champions


Day 5: Wednesday


We made our way to Towson for a little shopping….mainly for food from the Trader Joe’s. Didn’t take any pictures this day….oops!


Day 6: Thursday

Woke up and couldn’t think of anything other than cooking food and eating it. We finally caved at 2PM and began meal prep and 3 hours later had prepared a feast

photo (1) copy 9

Too busy cooking and eating to take more than one picture.


Day 7: Friday

Black Friday Shopping!! We headed to Inner Harbor. Also we ate more food. Actually I think this was the day that we started eating at 3 PM when we got back from shopping, and didn’t really stop eating til 9 PM. I felt like a ball that was going to explode.

Day 8 and 9: Saturday and Sunday

Everyone came back!! The highlight of these two days was everyone sharing their own Thanksgiving adventures…and our suite decorating for Christmas!


Merry Christmas from suite 505!!!