It’s hard to believe that midterms have already begun and we’re about a week away from spring break. As I procrastinate on studying for my exams this Friday and next Monday, enjoy some GIF-worthy moments of these past few weeks:


On the night of the blizzard a few weeks ago, my friend Jill and I trek back to our dorms after hanging out at a friend’s apartment. Don’t fall Jill!


Piper Kerman, prison reform activist, writer of Orange is the New Black, which the Netflix series is based off of, came to speak at Hopkins as a part of the Foreign Affairs Symposium (FAS) this spring! I wasn’t able to get a video — but FAS also Skyped in Edward Snowden for a virtual discussion a week later, and that was pretty incredible.


Enjoying a sirloin panino at Carma’s Cafe, a popular eatery just a block away from campus, as a study break. A much needed change of pace from dining hall food.


A picturesque Gilman Hall on a snow day this semester. There’s nothing much better.


My buddies Frank and Andrew join me for an excursion to Hampden for fresh fades at Old Bank Barbers and dinner at Grano Pasta Bar. The walk to Hampden from campus takes only about 20 minutes, especially when you cut around back of Mason Hall on the south end of Homewood.

A Couple of Moments... 1

A great view of Baltimore from the rooftop of the Telephone Building, an apartment building near campus. The weather’s been super nice recently, and when the wind calms down, you get nights like these.


Ah, the first game of KanJam on the Beach this spring. Spring at Hopkins is the best because the weather gets so much nicer, the campus looks green again, and of course -Spring Fair and Homecoming. I enjoy three things above all else: 1) nice weather, 2) good food, 3) live music. And we got all three.


And of course, my favorite round, marble table in Gilman Atrium, gettin’ some good study time in. Sometimes, I think that if I write my poetry assignment here, at the center for humanities, it’ll turn out better.