It’s been only three days, and already Intersession has been one of my best experiences at Hopkins. Here’s a look at what’s typically an Intersession day for me:

7:30 am: Wake up!

Wait… What’s this?! It’s snowing!

That means delayed classes, so I went back to sleep. 🙂

10:30 am: Actually wake up!



11am: Breakfast/Lunch at the Fresh Food Cafe

IMG_167512pm: Foreign Gene Expression Lab

The FGE Lab is a 2 credit Intersession course that meets every day for the entire three weeks. It’s a fascinating course in which we get to do the entire process of producing a desired protein through bacteria. Also, the professor, Robert Horner, is one of the best teachers I’ve had so far at Hopkins.

Marcela, my lab partner, and me in the lab.

Marcela, my lab partner, and me rocking our lab coats

1pm: Lunch!

More snow appreciation <3

More snow appreciation <3

2pm: Witness Theatre Pre-production meeting

I’m directing/acting for a Witness Theatre Showcase, to be presented on Valentine’s weekend! Witness Theatre is the only theatre group on Hopkins to produce only student written plays.

FullSizeRender 2

3pm: Workout at the Rec Center

My friend Jacqui and I... dead after workout.

My friend Jacqui and I… dead after workout.

5pm: Barnstormers Production-Team meeting

The Barnstormers, another one of Hopkins’ premier theatre groups are producing Brighton Beach Memoirs as their Intersession-show. It’s going to be presented on the weekend of January 30th. I’m proud to be the Assistant Stage-Manager for the show! We had our first production-team meeting, where we discussed our views and plans for the show.





7pm: Student Government Association meeting with fellow Senator, Heidi Woll

My fellow Senator and good friend, Heidi Woll, and I met to discuss our SGA plans for the upcoming semester. Ended up writing all over the walls of our Brody room.



8pm: Brighton Beach Memoirs rehearsal at Arellano Theatre

Went to one of the rehearsals for the Barnstormers I-show to start getting an idea of what the production will look like and what I can help them with. Theatre at Hopkins is a coordinated group effort, which is what makes the productions so great.


Arellano Theatre in all its bare glory

And that’s my day!

More snow appreciation, cause it really was a beautiful day: 


Photo by Eric Chen, International Studies, Class of 2016 (from the Johns Hopkins University Facebook page)


Photo by Eric Chen, International Studies, Class of 2016 (from the Johns Hopkins University Facebook page)


The Barn, beautiful as always <3