Map of my Wednesday Route

A Day Amy’s Way: Homewood Edition

You might be wondering what a day in the life of a typical Hopkins student is like. The map above shows my route last Wednesday. Let’s start!

1: My day started with walking up for my 9am chemistry class. I got ready pretty fast after snoozing my alarm a few times. I grabbed a granola bar to take with me on the walk from my dorm, AMR II, to Bloomberg where my class is.

2: After my chemistry class, I have Calculus II at 10am. I trekked from Bloomberg to Levering. After calc, I sat in Levering Café with a caramel latte (a hot one of course, because it’s cold out!) and a strawberry yogurt parfait.

3: At 11:50, I walked over to Shaffer, which is where my Invitation to Anthropology Class is. This week, the professor lectured on the book we’re reading on Chicago’s housing projects, Last Project Standing.

4: After Anthropology, it was time for lunch at the FFC. I’m a huge fan of the turkey burgers, which they happened to have this day. I had a spinach salad and some grapes to finish my meal off.

5: After lunch, I went to Brody to get some studying done. I was able to finish my chemistry post-lab and a few problems from the homework set.

6: At 6, I went to eat dinner at the FFC. They had one of my favorite dishes, stir fry rice, which made me really happy.

7: Around 7, there were office hours for my chemistry class, so I went to ask questions on that day’s lecture.

8: After office hours, I was done for the day! I went back with to the dorms to chill with my friends. We talked and watched the latest episode of our favorite show.