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In an effort to find viable writing samples for summer internship applications (everyone take a moment to appreciate the fact that I’m actually becoming a real person), I spent last Sunday reading through all of my past blog posts. This delightful trek down memory lane yielded three important self-discoveries: 1) I’m not a photographer. 2) I enjoy parenthetical phrases. (Possibly to a fault?), and 3) I’ve given my daily life as a Hopkins student little-to-no airtime. I’ve allowed myself to get away with only featuring the (cool?) things I’ve deemed blog-worthy, while completely disregarding this whole equally-important part of my college experience! Boo, JHU_Allison. So, like many bloggers who have come before me, I’ll provide a picture of a typical (Wednes)day in the life of yours truly. Bring on the dancing humanities classes!

 8:30 am: My alarm goes off, and, with not-a-morning-person reluctance, I hop out of bed and prepare for Wednesday, the busiest day of the week. I typically stop in the FFC for a muffin or apple before heading off to my first class.

10:00 am: Time for Elements of Italian II, one of my favorite classes this semester. It’s definitely a step-up in difficulty from Elements I; we’re tackling all the gory grammar stuff now, and it’s been a challenge. But there are only fifteen people in my section, which means there’s ample opportunity to ask questions and practice my speaking. Plus, my professor is a huge fan of games (indirect object jeopardy, anyone?) and never fails to reward us with chocolate. I may be on my way to real-personhood, but that doesn’t mean I plan to overcome my Reese’s peanut butter cup addiction any time soon.

 11:00 am: Thanks to a schedule reshuffling earlier in the semester, I have an awkward one-hour break here. Still, I’ve come to really appreciate this little chunk of time.  I usually head to Levering Hall for a coffee and do some homework on one of those big, comfy couches. Or, every other Wednesday, I take this time to post my blog. So we’re really all indebted to ye-old-awkward-break.

12:00 pm: My Introduction to Moral Philosophy lecture comes next, and it’s one of only two classes this semester that holds more than twenty people. It’s also the most difficult course I’m taking, since now I find myself grappling with tough philosophical concepts on a daily basis. But my professor, Dr. Theunissen, has greatly smoothed my transition into philosophical thinking. I can come in with a million and one questions from last night’s reading, and she’ll be able to miraculously answer them all in fifty minutes. I’m meeting with her next week to go over my first big paper, and is it nerdy to say that I’m kind of excited? Probably.

 1:00 pm: Lunch time! Since Wednesdays are a bit of a struggle, I like to grab a salad from Meals in a Minute and try to get a solid jump on my work. My friends and I often meet up during this time to chug through our assignments together. But mostly we just eat a lot of candy and have impromptu dance parties. No shame.

Hopkins students in their natural habitat.

Hopkins students in their natural habitat.

 3:00 pm: If you were wondering if I could possibly jam more philosophy into my Wednesdays, the answer is yes. Yes, I can. Three pm marks the start of my Intro to Moral Philosophy TA section, a time when twenty-or-so of us meet to discuss the readings and ask questions. This gives us all the opportunity to really delve into the hardest parts of the text with our peers, something I find extremely helpful when I’m feeling stumped. It’s over in an hour, and then I’m free from philosophy for the week! Or am I? Can anyone ever be truly free from philosophy? **rubs chin pensively**


I just Kant anymore.

I just Kant anymore.

4:30 pm: I’m so close to the end of my Wednesday that I can almost feel my pillow. I finish the school day with 20th Century Italian Art, a class that I forced into my schedule at the last minute and am so glad I did. We’re currently learning about Futurism, an artistic movement that is intriguingly intertwined with the rise of Fascism in pre-WWII Italy. As someone who has only been to an art museum once (the MoMA, and it was only to see the Tim Burton exhibit), it’s cool to think that I just successfully produced a visual analysis paper on a piece of modern art.

 5:45 pm: FREEDOM. Time for dinner at the FFC with Clark house. Next comes homework and rejoicing over the fact that hardest day of my week is almost over.

 8:00 pm: But wait there’s more! My Wednesday would not be complete without rehearsal for Carousel, the Barnstormers’ spring musical. (GUYS, IT HAPPENED. THE SPRING MUSICAL HAPPENED.) We’re only a few days in, and I’m already 100% positive that this show is going to be perfection. You should probably just cancel all of your plans in April. You’re going to want to see every performance.

Casually dying of excitement.

Casually dying of excitement.

 10:00 pm: Okay, now my day is actually over. I look over my Anthropology notes and re-read the short stories we’re work-shopping in Fiction and Poetry Writing II tomorrow. I should probably start my Italian homework, but there is always a new episode of The Walking Dead to watch…

 12:30 am: …ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz… (I’m sleeping, get it?)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!