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Dedicated Hopkins Interactive readers, you all must be wondering what crazy adventures and hilarious shenanigans a day in the life of JHU_Dan can bring. I don’t blame you. Living this life isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. To give you guys a taste of what the Hopkins life offers, I decided to live blog my Tuesday this past week. Hope you enjoy!

11:02 AM- On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t have class until noon, so I take the opportunity to sleep in as late as possible. I have a date party later tonight so I know I need to be well rested so that I can tear it up on the dance floor.
11:03- Try to get out of bed
11:04- Fail to get out of bed, hit the snooze button and plan on trying again later
11:14- Get out of bed, angry that the world forces me to leave such a comfortable, warm, place

My Life is a struggle

My Life is a struggle

11:23- Shower while contemplating life’s deepest mysteries… Or more realistically, fall asleep standing up.
11:34- Run to AMR II to grab a meal in a minute. These pre-packaged meals designed for those who have little time to get food in between classes (or those too lazy to make their own sandwiches like myself) are lifesavers.
11:52- Sit down in the Mudd Hall atrium to enjoy my meal before Bio.
12:00- Take a seat in the Mudd 26 lecture hall next to one of my two professors for a nice lecture on plants. I’ll be honest, I’m not super interested in plants, but having a professor sit next to you is definitely a good way to keep yourself focused, and have all your questions answered during lecture.
1:20- Bio’s over and Bio lab is cancelled today! That means it’s time for an hour long power nap.
1:30- Power nap plans are cancelled when I decide to go hang out on my house-mates’ giant beanbag.
4:00- After much bean-bagging (is that a word?) I decide to call my parents
4:33- Nice time as always catching up with the family. My little brother lost a tooth, he’s adorable and loves to Facetime.

He's a cutie.

He’s a cutie.

4:38- Work time! With a Calc midterm and a Chem Lab midterm creeping up, I need to catch up on some studying. Nothing to soothe the soul like some limit laws or reaction mechanisms!
6:07- As hunger starts to creep in my friends Joe, Olivia (the co-owner of the giant beanbag) and I go to Chipotle. Doesn’t get better than a good pre-date party burrito bowl.
7:28- Start to get ready for date party, my theme is disco beach. To everyone’s surprise I clean up quite nicely.
8:04- Pick up my girlfriend from her room. She looks absolutely stunning. JHU_Dan is a lucky guy*.

We clean up nicely

We clean up nicely

9:00- After listening to some Beyonce in my dorm with my friends and their dates, date party commences. Much dancing ensues.
1:04- Time for bed, after a long night full of dancing, fun, and lots of disco moves I’m exhausted.

Not every day has a date party, nor do I normally have the luxury of doing as little studying as I did this day. Nevertheless, every day here brings with it a new source of excitement, something to which I can look forward!

*She did not make write this I swear. Also why am I referring to myself in the third person?