To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Ever since my parents temporarily moved out of the country, I’ve spent most of my breaks right here on campus. I’m usually met with a head-tilt and an I’m sorry from most people, but I always assure them that’s it’s actually not that bad to stay on campus. I definitely miss my family and friends back home, but there’s plenty of ways to get that at-home-relaxation right here in Baltimore. Here’s a quick insight into what one of my stay-cation days looks like:


7:30 AM: Wake up

By habit! Not because I torture myself. This year, I find myself preferring to go to bed and waking up early to finish work rather than stay up into the wee hours of the morning. It’s been pretty successful so far, except for today, so I grumble and go back to sleep.


9:00 AM: Actually wake up

My brain is abuzz this time, so there’s no real chance of going back to sleep. I decide to stay in bed and quickly finish an essay I’ve been working on (okay, okay but to be fair I have a lot of assignments due the week we get back from break so I’m being proactive).


10:00 AM: Still in bed with an incomplete essay

I finished one paragraph in an hour, which you can credit to my glorious procrastination skills. I actually close all my tabs this time and focus because I only need 2 paragraphs and a conclusion to finish.


During my procrastination, I came across this brilliant joke I made on my friend’s calculator in high school #tbt

12:00 PM: Hunger strikes

I venture outside my room after showering and find my roommate Ellie cooking herself brunch. I’m lazier with my food so I heat up some pizza from last night to eat.


Bless Wolfram Alpha

12:30 PM: Maybe I should be productive

I opened up Facebook…this time for work! My friend and I decided to work on our lab reports together so we can tackle any doubts we might have. Even though technology is amazing, we remain confused about the same thing for about an hour until we finally figure it out, and are able to finish calculations. Ellie is working on happier things—planning her winter break—and I’m jealous.


3:59 PM: We need food!

Ellie and I take the Baltimore Collegetown Shuttle down to Towson so we can go grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.


Ridin’ the shuttle

4:30 PM: Always thinking about food

We decide to get some Pho before we shop, because it’s cold outside and we’re hungry and come one…who can resist a delicious bowl of Pho?

5:45 PM: Trader Joe’s aka the Homeland

We spend about an hour grocery shopping. A couple of our friends are also in town for Thanksgiving, so we decided to have a potluck. Ellie and I made a list of what we need to make our contributions, but of course we get lost in the glory that is Trader Joe’s, and buy a few more things. Some acquired goodies include: Honeycrisp Apple Cider, A Pecan Pie + Ice Cream to eat before Thanksgiving, and Cookie Butter, which is actually one of man’s greatest inventions.



7:15 PM: Home sweet home

We get back to our apartment, which is thankfully nice and warm. The groceries are put away and I decide to pull out my lab report to actually finish it this time. Unfortunately, I get stuck and message my lab partner to see if he’s done it yet.


I had to put this here because it was so delicious

8:30 PM: Blog time

I sit down to trace my steps today, so I can write this blog! I’m also thinking about maybe starting 30 Rock and cutting myself a second slice of Pecan Pie. I’m thinking a definite yes to both.

Happy Thanksgiving!