As the semester comes to a close and the holiday season approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to take a moment to express just a few of the things I am grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal (even in blog form) has been linked to “better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness” – all things us students definitely appreciate!

  • Autumn at Hopkins – This is a given. Today, my Instagram feed is flooded with Hopkins kids posting pictures of our campus. There’s nothing better than walking out of class or leaving the library (when it’s still light out) and seeing this —>
  • Having one of the coolest jobs on campus – I am lucky to be the assistant manager of Hopkins Creative Design, a student-run graphic design firm here on campus. HCD is one of the many businesses that got started through Hopkins Student Enterprises, the Center for Leadership Education’s very own student entrepreneurship organization. Through HSE, students can turn their ideas into their very own businesses. I have been interested in graphic design since middle school, so I love having this opportunity to keep up with it, improve my skills, learn about management, AND get paid for it!


    Designed by HCD manager, Mike Wang.

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    The HOP with B.J. Novak!

    Being a part of awesome groups that make others happy – I love being a part of both the HOP and SAAB! The HOP, or the Hopkins Organization for Programming, plans fun events for our campus – for example, today is National Pizza Day, so we gave out free pizza at Levering, and just recently we co-sponsored an MSE Symposium featuring B.J. Novak from The Office! I love hearing that students enjoyed the events we spend a lot of time and effort planning. And as a SAAB member, I am extremely grateful I get to write these blog posts. Hopefully I am making some of you readers happy at the least! Plus I am already stoked for my “big boy” personal blog next year and am in the midst of coming up with witty titles for it…

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    Socks are fun.

    Fun socks – Patterned socks brighten my day. There’s something about having palm trees adorned on my ankles that makes me more enthusiastic about going to class.

  • Miss Gladys – If I don’t see Miss Gladys at the FFC at least once, my day sucks. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I always see her smiling and talking to students, asking how their days are going. Shout out to you Miss Gladys, you rock. I tried to take a creeper shot of her but it felt weird.
  • Tuesday specials at Gertrude’s – Gertrude’s is a restaurant inside the Baltimore Museum of Art, which is right next to campus; it’s in a very convenient spot. Coming on Tuesdays is great because they have specials – $12 salmon? I’ll take it. The marketing committee for the HOP had our meeting over dinner yesterday at Gertrude’s. I would have taken a picture, but I ate my food too fast.
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    Hopefully no one saw me take this picture.

    Playing piano in the Mattin Center to de-stress – After a long homework marathon at Brody, I decided I needed a mental break… that didn’t involve coffee. The rec center is quite a walk away, but the Mattin Center is right near Brody! I signed out a key to one of the practice rooms and just played some piano for a good hour. It was awesome.

  • Friends-giving – I am so excited for my first Hopkins Thanksgiving with friends. We intend to overtake the AMR II common kitchen and feast. On the menu so far: sweet potato casserole, dirty rice, maybe a store-bought rotisserie chicken? I have been reading “easy Thanksgiving recipes” Buzzfeed articles on the daily. Expect a blog post about this later.
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    Gilman Reading Room – Hands down, one of my favorite places to study on campus. (JHU_Molly totally judged me when she saw me take this picture)

  • Post-workout euphoria – I like going to the rec center pretty late at night, so working out is the perfect way to end the day. Plus, you can justify getting Late Night and get a nice no-caffeine-required pump to finish homework!
  • Listening to this Alex & Sierra album while I study – Usually listening to music while I study makes me less productive, but I have actually been really digging this Alex & Sierra album while tackling my expos papers and discrete and calc problem sets. There’s a song for every mood you’re feeling and if you followed Alex & Sierra on The X Factor… you would know they’re pretty much adorable. If Alex & Sierra don’t get married, I want Sierra & I to.


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Here’s a cute picture of my great-aunt taking a picture of our Thanksgiving 2k13 dinner with her iPad.

As grateful as I am for all of these awesome things and to even go to school here at Hopkins, with less than two weeks until Thanksgiving Break starts, I am so excited to come back to Delaware. Even though I just came home for fall break and my parents and sisters came to visit for family weekend, I can’t wait to get to study for my calc exam relax for a week, see friends and family, and eat some turkey. Plus, who doesn’t love the holidays?