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If it hadn’t seemed like it before, the semester is now officially in full swing! Everyone is as busy as a bee, running around to his or her classes, extra-curriculars, study groups, you name it. My schedule this year is particularly full so I’ve been pretty occupied, but since I’ve been able to tailor a schedule even more precisely to my interests, I haven’t been bored for one second! Here is a look at my classes, in no particular order:


  1. Intro to Organic Chemistry: Okay so you’re thinking GROSS why would you CHOOSE to have this in your schedule and yeah…fair point. I didn’t necessarily choose to put this in my schedule—it’s a requirement for my major—but I honestly am enjoying it! I’m finding that I like Organic a lot better than General Chemistry. The problems are like solving little puzzles and it’s a very visual process, versus learning equations and using them to solve for values (ugh math). Also I’m getting so good at drawing hexagons it’s ridiculous.
photo 4

Some pretty notes…though I chose some that didn’t have my nice hexagons too bad


  1. Introduction to Spanish Literature: I LOVE this class. It’s a requirement for my major and boy am I glad it is! The structure of the class is a little different—in fact it confused me a lot for the first two weeks—but it’s designed to give us a preview of how Spanish literature changed throughout time and how it reflected social and political developments. To cover such a broad topic, we’ll have different readings for each class that are excerpts from larger works. We started off with literature of the Aztecs and have been making our way through time. Currently we’ve been reading about the romanticism movement in the 19th century and its impact on artists of the time. It can definitely be hard to understand at times, but it’s 100% worth it.


  1. Physics 1 for Engineers: This is easily my hardest class. I’m not the biggest fan of math so putting math and science together can be a little tricky. This class is a requisite for my Neuro major, so it must be taken! I’m not an engineer but this class fit the best with my schedule, and you’re allowed to take either! The main difference between general classes for Engineers vs. Biological Sciences, is how the professors teach application of the material learned. In other words, we both learn the same topic but how we apply it to the real world is a little bit different. I’m pretty glad I chose the Engineers class because the professor is amazing and does some pretty great demonstrations in class (Check out JHU_Snaps for some pics of the demonstrations).


  1. Nervous Systems 1: The make it or break it class for Neuro majors. And it doesn’t have a reputation for being hard for kicks and giggles. This class is really demanding, but is also incredibly interesting. If I had to pick my favorite class of the semester, this would probably be it. The professors (Dr. Hendry and Dr. Zhao) put together amazing lectures to help us understand the complexities of the brain and how it’s working in our daily life. I think my favorite part about the class is realizing that while we’re learning about something the brain is doing, our brains are doing that exact thing…we just learned about the auditory system and it was so cool to think that while I was listening to them talk about how we hear, those systems were at work so that I could actually hear the lecture! AHHH INCEPTION! (I’m a brain nerd sorry).
photo 1

my friend gave me this cute little brain pin for my backpack!!


  1. First Year Hindi: My fun elective! I’ve always wanted to learn Hindi and I’m so glad that I decided to take it. It’s pretty hard getting accustomed to the characters, but a little more than a month in and we’ve reached a pretty good level of reading! My most exciting moment was when I learned how to write my name. I also love my classmates in this class—we ended up with a really small section of about 7 people, so we’ve become pretty close as we work our way through the language. Our Professor Uma Ji is also amazing…and she cooks us homemade food! (If you’re ever interested, come to the Interfaith Center every first Thursday of the month…the food is delicious)
photo 3

some intense hindi notes pre-quiz


Well, there it is! Super busy, but I’m enjoying it. Here’s to a good semester!