“First, let me take a selfie”

This Halloween Weekend was full of fun, laughter, and a lot of great first experiences for me. The best part of the weekend was that my brother, Luis, was able to come visit and partake in the festivities with me! My brother visited last year also, but this year we decided to keep it close to campus and do less touristy type things. My brother was able to come to class with me, meet my friends, and celebrate a Baltimore Halloween with me!



My brother and I began our weekend with a trip to the Hampden area on Friday. I decided to take my brother to the place where I always get my haircut and then we went around the neighborhood. My brother really enjoyed the ~hipster aesthetic~ of Hampden and all of the antique shops in the area. It was amazing to explore a neighborhood that I have been to, but have never actually had the chance to be a part of.


       Old Bank Barbers with my bro



After our exploration of Hampden, I introduced the glory of Pizza Studio to my brother, and the result were two full stomachs and two big smiles. We then decided to see a show by the only comedy improv group on campus, the Buttered Niblets, and it was amazing! I was so happy to be able to show my brother that Hopkins was more than just academics.



To end our trip, we spent Halloween day with my fraternity brothers in Phi Delta Theta. I brought my actual brother along on our fraternity brotherhood paintball trip, and it was a great start to the day. For Halloween Night, we spent the night with great friends, wearing embarrassing costumes, and making memories that’ll last until the next time I see my brother.



LAX bro with my real bro


It is always a great time when my brother comes in to town, and when ~the boyz are back in town~, we always end up with great stories to tell. I cannot wait until the next time my brother visits and the next time I get to see my family back home!


Our attempt at being bad boyz during paintball