With the semester finishing up and finals quickly approaching, I thought I would blog about my favorite day of the week: Wednesday.

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Hump day at the Hop

7:15 am: My first alarm goes off. My hand immediately finds the snooze button.

7:25 am: The alarm goes off again. I come to terms with the fact that I will have to leave my bed at some point and peel myself out of my cozy sea of blankets.

8:15 am: After my first two cups of coffee, I leave my room and meet up with the so-called “Breakfast Club,” a group of people on my floor who go to breakfast everyday.

8:25 am: Arrive at the FFC for my usual breakfast of fruit and a bagel.

8:55 am: Arrive at Bloomberg for my first class of the day- Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity. This class is taught in an interesting way. Instead of a typical lecture hall, the class is held in a room with circular tables to encourage more group work and collaboration. Today we’re doing practice problems dealing with electrochemistry, one of my favorite topics in chemistry.

9:50 am: I power walk across campus from Bloomberg to Krieger. Along the way, I debate alternative forms of transportation, such as Heelies and a Razor scooter.

9:58 am: Arrive in Krieger for my Calculus II lecture. Prof. Arap is easily the best math teacher I have ever had. He keeps the class interesting with frequent jokes and light-hearted comments. Well, as interesting as Taylor series can be.

10:53am: Time for my daily coffee break in Brody. I use this hour to do my Physics homework for the week and get my mid-morning jolt.

11:55 am: Back to Bloomberg for my Bioethics lecture. Today’s topic is research ethics, which isn’t my favorite topic, but the lecture is still interesting.

1:00 pm: Lunch time! I meet up with friends for our mid-day feed. The FFC is packed with students eager to get their fair share of today’s coveted prize: chicken fingers.

2:00 pm: Second dose of Bioethics for the day, though this time it is my section. This is one of my favorite hours of the week. Our TA leads us in discussions of the material and I always walk away with a new perspective.

2:55 pm: I head back to my room in Wolman to attempt to be productive. I work on my chemistry lab for a few minutes but instead succumb to the temptation of watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

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Me, as depicted by a first grader

4:25pm: I meet up with the other tutors from Hop Help outside of Barnes and Noble. Every week, we meet up and walk to Waverly Elementary School to help first graders with their homework. I love working with kids, and seeing them always puts me in a good mood. The walk is only about 20 minutes, and today I was lucky enough to sit for a portrait.

6:30 pm: We arrive back at Homewood. I meet up with friends and head over to the FFC. Dinner tonight includes spaghetti squash- one of my favorites.

7:30 pm: I guess I should do homework.

11:43 pm: Dance party study break in the common room. Today’s song of choice is Ultimate by Lindsay Lohan from the movie Freaky Friday.

12:45: I debate starting to study for my Calculus final but instead crawl back into my bed.

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Working hard or hardly working? Also my desk is messy.