It’s midterm season!

Translation: There are no open spots in the Brody Reading Room, I’ve lost count of how many orders of Mocha Java I’ve had from the Brody Cafe, there are 3 windows with 10+ tabs open on my laptop, and one thing was for sure: it was time for a change of scenery.

So on Friday, my friend and I took the JHMI, the free Hopkins shuttle, down to Peabody to check out the Mt. Vernon Marketplace (it’s about a 5 minute walk from the Peabody Library)! It’s a bustling space made up of a conglomeration of food and drink vendors in a busy, warehouse-like atmosphere.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Mount Vernon Marketplace offers the finest, freshly prepared artisanal foods right here in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon district. With over 14 purveyors offering everything from gourmet cheese, artisan sandwiches & charcuterie, fresh local oysters & seafood, noodles & dumplings, french crepes, Ethiopian cuisine & coffee, vegetarian bean burgers, vegan soups & falafel, cold-pressed juices & salad bar, Korean style bibimbap, homemade bread, ice-cream, cookie’s and cupcakes, artisanal burgers & worldy poutine, wine tasting, craft beer, boozy milkshakes, exotic herbs, spices and culinary kitchen delights.

Would also highly recommend the Mi&Yu Noodle Bar, too

After perusing the menus of the vendors, we finally settled for the Local Oyster and I finally checked “eat Maryland oysters” off of my bucketlist.



You get the sticker free!

After finishing our food and grabbing a smoothie, we went to Ceremony Coffee next door to study for the rest of the day.


All in all, it was a productive, adventurous day and it was nice to get away from campus for the weekend to explore Baltimore and its many great restaurants. If you’re in the area, looking for a place to eat after a campus tour, or want to find a new cafe to study at, make sure to check out the Mt. Vernon Marketplace and Ceremony Coffee!