For one of my classes, Environment & Society, our “final” was to investigate an environmental problem of our choice, write up a paper about it, and also incorporate some sort of creative presentation or display that would help people make realistic choices about the issue at hand.

Last week, we presented our creative projects in class and I was wowed by what everyone had to share! My peers wrote plays about fracking, wrote and illustrated childrens’ books about fish protesting the construction of a nearby industrial complex, developed board games that showed players the trade-offs between environmental and economic costs, and made apps that helped you save orangutans. It was awesome.

For my project, I wanted to investigate our current food system and how it has created problems of food insecurity and environmental degradation. For the creative component, I vlogged my experience living on only $15 over the course of three days, only able to buy food from a different source each day: a convenience store, a grocery store, and a farmers market.

I learned a lot from the experience — that being food insecure is exhausting, and that the conventional food system is something that needs to be changed if we want to create a sustainable future for all.

Take a look at my experience and learn what you can do to be an advocate for food sustainability and food justice!