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Hey y’all!

Towards the end of last semester, I decided to go through sorority recruitment! To be honest, I never really saw myself as someone who would want to be in a sorority, but when I got to Hopkins, I realized that sororities here are absolutely nothing like the stereotypical way in which the media often portrays them. All throughout recruitment, I was continually impressed with the character of the women I met. At each chapter, every member was caring, intelligent, and extremely involved on both our campus, as well as in our greater Baltimore community. So, now that recruitment week is over, I wanted to give you guys a look into the process.

Wednesday, January 30th- PNM (Potential New Member Orientation) 

This was the day where everyone going through recruitment was debriefed on the process. We were given all the information we would need in order to have a smooth week of recruitment. Hopkins has five chapters from the National Panhellenic Conference- Alpha Phi, Phi Mu, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Pi Beta Phi.

Thursday, January 31st- Round One (Sisterhood) 

On Thursday, each PNM went to all five sororities and talked to the sisters about what is special about their sisterhood. This was mainly to get a sense of where each PNM could see themselves in the future, At the end of the night, we all picked our top four chapters. A special thank you to everyone who helped out to make the matches, worked with scheduling, etc. after the voting process.

Friday, February 1st- Round Two (Philanthropy)

This was the day where each PNM went back to up to four chapters (the ones that they were invited back to). Something incredible about all five chapters at Hopkins is the fact that they all give back to the community. On Friday, each chapter talked about their philanthropy and why it is important to them. It was really special to see the impact they have had on the lives of others. At the end, each PNM ranked their top two chapters.

Saturday, February 2nd- Round Three (Preference) 

On Saturday, each PNM went back to up to two chapters. Each sorority had organized ceremonies in order to showcase their sisterhood and what makes their chapter special one last time. I think I realized Saturday that I made the right decision to go through recruitment. At the end of the day, each PNM ranked the chapters they had remaining.

Sunday, February 3rd- BID DAY!!! 

Sunday was the big day! PNMs found out which chapter they had matched to. It was incredible to see how everyone had found a home. After the ceremony, each PNM went back to their new chapter in order to meet and bond with the sisters. I was so incredibly happy to have received a bid from Pi Beta Phi! I can’t wait for all the great things to come with this group of phenomenal women!

Girls posing in a soup can

girls posing with greek letters

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