As soon as you enter the 6th floor on the east side of Wolman, you will most likely hear a combination of loud yells, the sound of chips being munched on, and people talking and gossiping from our common room. When I was first deciding which building to live in before coming to school in the Fall, Wolman was my first choice. I really like AC and not having to deal with a communal bathroom. Wolman is a building for freshmen that is all suite style living. Most likely, you will have a roommate and then two suitemates and the four of you will share a bathroom and kitchenette. But I was semi-worried about not getting to have that stereotypical college experience with long dorm halls, open bedroom doors, and a social atmosphere.

But, I was so wrong to be concerned because Wolman turned out to be the best living situation ever. Our common room is always filled with people, especially because one of my closest friends, Drew, who lives on the other side of our wing on the 6East brought his wii and super smash bros for everyone to share. Even at 4am, there are still people in the common room screaming over super smash bros, which is also totally fine if you want to sleep because you can just close your suite door and you won’t hear a thing. But if staying up until the next morning playing smash is your thing, that’s well in abundance here in Wolman 6East.

The theme of our floor is Parks and Recreation, the show, and everywhere on the walls are pictures of quotes and memes from that show, which is really hilarious because there is an episode (I forget which season and what number) where the characters on the show actually make a reference to Johns Hopkins and Wolman Hall specifically. I was actually sitting on my bed in my room in Wolman watching Parks and Rec, when the reference came up and I almost died because I had no idea we were mentioned in this show.

My favorite part about living in Wolman is all the amazing people I have gotten the chance to get close with. My best friends and core friends group comes from Wolman 6East and if we were to go back in time and redo everything, I wouldn’t pick any other place to live than here.