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I had a hunch that this was so, but a brief foray into freshman JHU_Allison blogs confirmed: I haven’t written a day-in-the-life post since my first year at Hopkins! Blasphemy. Here you all are, thinking I’ve been eating at the FFC for the past three years. To set the record straight, I’ve laid out a typical Tuesday, complete with class, rehearsal, and an embarrassing number of coffee runs.


8:00 am


My alarm goes off. I lol at my Monday-night self for thinking I would actually get up and get a head start on work. I go back to sleep for 30 minutes.


8:30 am


Time to become a person! I have to give myself a little extra time in the mornings given that I live off-campus. But boy is this view worth it.


10:30 am


First class of the day! Social Media Marketing with my dear roommate and marketing buddy, Lauren. We’re probably a little exhausted from staying up all night finishing a paper (best friends make group projects bearable), but the walk to class is infinitely better when we’re doing it together. This is an awesome class with a dynamic professor who changes my perspective on the power of social media every day. Thanks for making me a more employable member of my generation!

Forever taking selfies instead of studying.

Forever taking selfies instead of studying.


11:45 am


First coffee run of the day. Levering never fails. Knowing me, I probably grab some delicious Thai noodles while I’m at it.


12:00 pm


Next class! PR and Corporate Communications, aka my chosen career packed into a fast-paced, semester-long course. This workload is totally busting my butt, but every assignment prepares me for the world outside of Hopkins, and I’m grateful. We’re developing a marketing plan for our real-life client—the Office of Study Abroad—and the photos of Oxford are making me wish I’d gotten my Hogwarts letter more than ever.


1:30 pm


Third and final class of the day, and this one’s a doozy. Visual Rhetoric is an introductory graphic design course, and my can’t-draw-a-stick-figure self was quaking in her boots on the first day. This is definitely my most challenging course of the semester, but it’s also the most rewarding, as I’ll be graduating with a portfolio of work I can be proud of. Hopefully. If I can sweet-talk Adobe Illustrator into cooperating.


2:30 pm


Visual rhetoric goes until 4:15 (oof, I know), so time for another much-needed coffee break. Thank you, Brody, for always coming in clutch with the bagels and caffeine exactly when I need it the most.


4:15 pm


Finally free of class for the day, I head home to make dinner (I have to do that now??), do some laundry, and study the evening away with my lovely roommates. There’s probably a nap and some Mad Men in there too, but I’m trying to shield you from my not-so-studious habits. Do your homework, kids!


6:30 pm


On a normal Tuesday in October, I’d be catching the JHMI and heading to Mount Vernon for Das Barbecu rehearsal. However, we opened a couple of weeks ago, and now my weeknights are magically free! I’ll still probably head to Mount Vernon anyway for—you guessed it—more coffee and the gorgeous Peabody Library. Best place to study in the entire state of Maryland.

You've still got one more weekend to catch is crazy barbecue before it's gone!

You’ve still got one more weekend to catch is crazy barbecue before it’s gone!

11:30 pm


This is when I try to be in bed on Tuesday nights, seeing as 6 am comes awful fast on Wednesday mornings. For my poor mother’s sake, let’s just pretend I’m usually successful in calling it an early night.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from documenting my four years at Hopkins, it’s that some things change but most things don’t. I’m still loving my major, roommates, and lattes drenched in sugar and cream. With only a semester and a half to go, the routine of my daily life is becoming more and more precious. I know it’s midterm season. But I sure will miss the grind when it’s gone.