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Packing to go home for the summer was nearly an impossible task. I enlisted two friends to help me out and it literally took hours and hours. I found things in my room that I never knew I had even possessed. I had to have one of my friends sit on top of my suitcase to squish all the clothes down to be able to zip everything up. The aftermath of it all was this mess:

My dad and I could barely fit our own bodies into the car, but we managed to. My dad was pretty annoyed with me. He didn’t understand how I managed to fit so much into my dorm room. Well, I didn’t really understand how I did that either. I was shocked by how many unnecessary items I had brought with me to college that I really never touched even once.

But, perhaps, what was most surprising of all was that after I had left for my home, my roommate texted me this picture, which left me in complete and utter shock for days:

A Post-Freshmen Year Discovery That Would Have Changed Everything

This picture was groundbreaking. This picture changed how I viewed my freshmen year entirely. This picture could have saved both me and my roommate a lot of heartache, had it happened earlier.

What the picture shows is the two desks in our room, which is the smallest on our entire floor by the way, placed next to each other INSTEAD of against each other like we had them arranged for the entire school year. Oh how much space we could have saved had we been enlightened to this earlier.

But no. We spent the entire year cramped by our desks and living in our clutter. Oh what could have been!

I still remember the first day I moved into college extremely vividly. I even remember what my roommate was wearing and what I was wearing on that day, which is weird for me because I actually have the worst memory ever.

On that first day, my parents and I entered room 602b in our Wolman suite to find the closets in the room blocking everything in the room. The desks were also in a crazy position. My parents spent an hour helping my roommate and I figure out how to rearrange the room in a way that would save the most space. WELL, turns out we did not settle on the best possible arrangement and we wasted a ton of space.

But, to be completely honest, freshmen year would not have been the spunky, spontaneous, and wild year that it was if not for how cramped and cluttered our room was. Living cluttered was crazy but authentically so.

Would I choose to go back in time and change our room arrangement to give us more space if I could? Maybe. But would I be willing to forgo all the cozy movie nights that were a result of our desks being placed the way they were and all the adventures we had in our room because of our clutter for a bit more space? No!

Freshmen year was what it was because of every aspect of it. And it was all so worth it.