Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

I mean it’s always been cool. The sleeping in it starts with and the late nights it ends with. But it’s not until college and a city within your reach that Saturday becomes the day that powers the week.

Last Saturday, I got up around 12:30 or so. I slogged to the bathroom, got ready (without having to ration minutes in order to make it to my 9ams on time), and headed to the FFC with a wave of floormates that had gotten ready more or less at the same time. Remember that freshly squeezed orange juice I complained about not being able to wake up early enough to have? Well…they have it all afternoon on Saturdays apparently. Seriously, TGIS.

Anyways, we get back to my friend/neighbor’s room around 1:30 and just kind of sit there trying to figure out what we’re going to do today. My friend Prateek mentioned the aquarium; it’s supposed to be the greatest in the country. Sitting right on the harbor, it’s only a JHMI and a Charm City Circulator away. I mean that sounds legit. By the time we decide that it sounds like a good day, it dawns on his roommate Dan that the JHMI leaves every hour (2pm) and it’s already 1:45. Shoot. We all buy the tickets online (because student discount, amiright?) and, by 1:50, we’re out the door. A 10 minute walk to the JHMI stop isn’t bad, so no rush.

“Wait but we have to print the ticket’s first,” says Prateek casually.

“Wait but we don’t have printers.”

“Yeah but Brody.”

“Right but we have ten minutes.”


And so the run to the library begins. I’m not sure what people made of a bunch of freshmen sprinting breathless down campus with Pop Tarts in hand, but be what it may. We had fish to see. (My roommate Ajay was at some MUN conference, but the aquarium waits for no one).

Long story short, 2:30pm sees us getting off the Charm City Circulator and taking in Inner Harbor. And I have to say, it’s one of the nicest places I’ve been to a while. The last time/first time I went to Inner Harbor was when they took us to this psychedelic art museum during Orientation, but this was completely different. This place is massive and modern and traditional and sublime and dynamic and rhythmic and pulsing and colorful and overall breathtaking.


Taken from a window at the aquarium in an attempt to do Inner Harbor justice

The aquarium was dope too. They have a full rainforest in there, and the exhibitions are amazing. I saw a MANTIS SHRIMP, guys. And like a 5-foot sea turtle and some heavy-duty sharks. I was considering taking a sharp turn of events and taking a dip in the reef, but I don’t know if aquariums talk to each other, and I’m def not trynna get blacklisted from the aquarium community at large. I’m all about aquariums.


such grace

After a splendid soiree in the seas, we decided to get some dinner. But Inner Harbor dinner is like no other. We got Chinese to go, found a bench on the pier, and enjoyed a dinner looking onto the entire harbor. As beautiful as it was, however, I feel like it was a bit rushed as seagulls started circling us real casual with clear intentions. I swear they had the older gulls on pier posts as sentries, reinforcements nonchalantly glancing at us from the light posts on either side, and foot soldiers making calculated, tightening circles around us and our Asian food. Baltimore seagulls don’t mess around.


Dinner with a view.


It’s fuzzy because I was bouncing with excitement.

Anyways, as it got darker, we strolled along the harbor and spent some time at a nearby mall and got caught up watching some lady make fudge. Unfortunately, our bus back to campus came right as she was about to give out free samples.


good day