A lot of us like to write blogs about what our schedules look like during the week, so you might be wondering—what do Hopkins students like to do on the weekends? If you were asking yourself that very question, you’re in luck…I kept track of all my activities this Saturday!! Here it goes:


9:00AM (I think…or some other early time)

I wake up to my roommate’s alarm. She has to wake up early because she’s taking her MAPP mentees to the Farmer’s Market (one of my favorite places) and then the Book Thing (another awesome Baltimore hotspot). Both of us are MAPP (Mentor Assistance Peer Programming) mentors, which is a program run through the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) that partners incoming freshman with a current student to be their big brother or sister for their first year at college. I took my mentees out to the Baltimore aquarium the night before and had a late night, plus it’s way too cold to function, so I promptly fall back asleep.


11:00 AM

I hear my roommate come back and I emerge from the blankets on my bed that I have wrapped around myself, burrito-style. My roommates tell me that when I wake up I resemble a turtle coming out of its shell…I like to think that this was meant to say that I’m cute when I get out of bed, but it really means I look disheveled and confused. I decide that it’s time for me to start the day.




11:45 AM

After laying in my bed for a good 20 minutes (talking to my roommates means I’ve started my day, I don’t need to leave my bed for that!), I shower and get ready because I remembered that my Nervous Systems Professor is holding a review session for our quiz on Tuesday.


12:15 PM

My parents decide to Skype me, and because I haven’t talked to them in a while, we have a nice long chat.


12:45 PM

Oh man, I have 15 minutes to get to my review session and I haven’t eaten anything. Cue me basically hanging up the Skype call, throwing my notebooks into my backpack and running to Charles Market (affectionately, CharMar) to grab a bagel before the review.


1:00 PM

I make it on time to the review, bagel in hand and proceed to stuff the bagel into my mouth for the first 15 minutes of the review (Sorry Professor Hendry). The review session, as always, is SUPER helpful. I’m so grateful that he takes the time out of his Saturday to come to campus and make sure we’re all on top of the material from class, which can be quite demanding.

2:00 PM

I head to the library to meet my friend Ellie who has brought me some sushi for lunch, because of the prior incident of not eating anything other than a bagel (my friends are good to me). We pretend to do work for about an hour.


2:45 PM

Ellie and I walk over to West University Parkway (by the North Side of Campus) to meet our other friends Anna and Michelle to check out a potential house to live in for next year. The tenants of the house have graciously allowed us to take a tour so we could see what it’s like.


3:30 PM

We all walk to OneWorld Café (one of my favorites) to grab some food. I’m also trying to kill some time, because at 4 I’m supposed to visit my Thread mentee. Thread is a great program that partners Baltimore city High School-ers with a “family” of mentors that come from all around Baltimore. The goal of the program is to help these students graduate High School, so we’re there to provide the students with academic and social support. Unfortunately, we get a phone call last minute that says our student is busy so we reschedule.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.03.38 AM

Vegan Chocolate Rasberry Cake–one of the many reasons I love OneWorld with all my heart


4:15 PM

Ellie and I go grocery shopping. It’s supposed to be a fast trip where we don’t really buy anything, but naturally we’re there for around an hour and get way too much food (we’re both staying on Campus for Thanksgiving Break, so we decide to stock up…though I know in my heart I’m probably going to have to get more food later).


6:30 PM

I get ready to go to SLAM’s Fall Hip-Hop Showcase. SLAM is a hip-hop dance group here on campus, and they’re fantastic. In this show they’re hosting other groups on campus plus groups from all around the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia—learned this terminology this weekend and I feel pretty cool using it) area. My friends Samantha and Miguel are in the dance group JHU Eclectics, which is performing, so I’m excited to see them dance.


7:00-10:00 PM

THE SHOWCASE IS UNREAL. It’s amazing. My voice hurts a little from screaming so much. I’m so proud of my friends who danced tonight. The dance groups are beyond good and it was so much fun to watch (especially the groups with little kids who are adorable and know how to seriously break it down). The groups range from professionals, to after school programs, to college groups, and the event fundraises for the Baltimore Dance Crews Project, an after-school dance program for Baltimore City Students. I’m so happy I came and I will definitely be going back every year!


So proud of Samantha and Miguel 🙂


10:30 PM

Due to the workload of this week, Ellie and I sadly decide we should try to do some work/study. We head to Brody Learning Commons.

1:00 AM

We wait until the library is a pretty empty because Ellie has to film the library for her class project. This is pretty comical actually, because I am pushing her on a chair through the library as she films, while trying to be as quiet as possible because she’s filming on C-level.



2:30 AM

I finally go to bed, after eating after-midnight snack and watching this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model (I know, I know…but it’s so good and I’m so invested).


There it is! It was a busy Saturday, and even though I had to do some work, it was still a fun day. The best thing about the weekends though, is that there’s no routine: there’s always something new or different to check out around campus, so I wonder…what did the rest of the SAABers do this weekend?