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Midterms are stressful.

I think I can make that blanket statement without fear of disagreement from most of my peers. For me, at least, midterms involve late nights studying, a lot of coffee, and enough flashcards to make me consider making it rain physics formulas over the atrium of Brody.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.32.26 PM

A highly scientific graph comparing the stress level of a normal week with the stress level of a week with midterms

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll need a break from all of this and a way to relieve the aforementioned stress.

  1. Exercise

There is a lot of science backing this one up. Google “exercise and stress relief” and a multitude of results will appear flaunting the benefits of going for a run or doing whatever it is people do on the Elliptical.  The Rec Center is beautiful, and the gym in Wolman is really convenient, so it’s really easy to fit a quick run (jog/ speed-walk) into a day of studying. Even if it’s only for a little bit, at least pretending to be athletic for a half hour is an effective distraction from studying.

2. Catching up on TV shows

Netflix and Hulu are every college student’s best friends. Sometimes you just need to take an hour (or three) to lie in bed, recharge, and catch up on all of the Saturday Night Live you’ve missed.

(Note: This method is most effective when snacks are involved)

3. Hopkins-sponsored events

Luckily midterm-related stress is not a one-man ship. Many student groups on campus hold events to help provide study breaks and stress relief, such as the pumpkin-smashing event held by the Residential Advisory Board. There is something strangely satisfying about feeling a metal bat collide with a seasonal gourd, especially when pumpkin pie and cider are also provided free of charge.


Pumpkins not only provide a seasonal latte flavor but also festive decorations for the freshman quad!

4.Exploring Baltimore

After my back-to-back chemistry and physics midterms, my friend Carissa and I decided to check out the Stoop Stories show at the Centerstage.  During this show, true Baltimoreans from many walks of life shared stories about their experiences living in the city. Even on a Monday night, getting off campus and seeing the “real world” proved to be a great way to take a break from simply doing work and concentrating on school. Plus, this gave me an excuse to walk around the Mount Vernon District and pretend to live in the beautiful houses there.

photo (2)

An Instagram-able moment

Midterms happen. But with a bat/ sneakers/ food/ theater tickets  in hand, the stress can be defeated.