344. 1225. 108.

Three years. Three rooms.

I’ve never done a dorm tour before, and that’s because I was waiting until I had accumulated pictures from all of my Hopkins living arrangements, from a shared room with a communal bathroom to a suite-style dorm to my very own big girl apartment so that I could complete a ginormous, conglomerate tour. Incomplete things bother me.

So here is the whirlwind run-through of every room I’ve had at Hopkins!

AMR II Griffin 344

AMR II is your classic college dorm set-up. You’ve got a roommate whose hand you could probably hold if you were both lying in bed. The square footage isn’t ideal and the shivering, soaking run down the hall from the shower isn’t flattering. However, I wouldn’t trade my freshman year dorm experience for anything. It was crazy and hilarious. Thanks to the close quarters, I made incredible friends who saw me at my best, my worst, and everywhere in between. I lived that cliche dorm experience.

When you walked into the room, my bed was on your direct right. In the far right corner was my desk; behind it, my wardrobe. My roommate’s side was a mirror image.


Here’s my bed and desk! I stuck my dresser under my bed, though I’ve seen people use it as a nightstand. I purchased plastic drawers for extra storage, and they fit perfectly beneath my bed, with room to spare to stash Easy Mac. I also have a mini fridge on the far right; I honestly didn’t use it that much, but some of my friends used theirs religiously.

Beds come default lofted at about 3′. 5’0″ me made a leap into bed every night (or, on sleepy days, used my desk chair as a stool.)


Close-up of my Pillow Pet and childhood stuffed cat. All dorm beds are twin XL (plenty of space for petite me to roll around on).


My desk in action. It served as a work station/vanity. I wrote papers and did my make up here, equally important things. Shoutout to my textbook that is just called Movies.

Pros: AMR II is fantastic for meeting people; I’m still friends with people from my dorm. The empty space between each person’s side in every room is a great spot to pow wow. The cramped quarters means that people are forced out into the hallway, which becomes a second home/impromptu lounge area.

Cons: No A/C (though easily solved with a window fan), a little bit outdated.

Takeaway: I could’ve packed a lot, lot less. The small space forced me to get efficient and innovative, but I could’ve saved a lot of headaches by cutting down my stuff. Overall, I loved AMR II for its social scene, the main reason why people choose it.

Charles Commons 1225

With the sophomore housing lottery, Commons becomes coveted. Everyone is shooting for the newly-renovated former hotel. It’s gorgeous. Emelynn and I lucked out with a number in the 60s, so we got a double with a huge living room on the top floor, overlooking campus. To say it was nice would be a vast understatement.

These aren’t the tidiest photos, but they’re all I have. Whatever, I guess it’s a realistic look at living spaces?


This is 1225! The door on the far right was where you entered; Emelynn’s room was directly across from it. We used the little foyer area as a place to hoard stuff, apparently. We had a huge living room, which is rare for doubles in Commons. All of the furniture was included (though we stole an additional side table from an unlocked, empty room, shhhhh). The far door is my bedroom, and the bathroom was directly across from it. We also had a closet where we stored coats and cleaning supplies.


The kitchen doesn’t have an oven, but there’s one in the communal kitchen downstairs, which worked fine for us. Doubles only come with a mini fridge (quads have a full fridge/freezer), but I brought my mini fridge from freshman year as well and so space was never an issue! I apologize for the dishes in the sink and overflowing recycling.

The bathroom (door on the right) was everything it needed to be. Don’t forget a shower curtain!


Here is my room! This was right after I moved in, and I forgot to take pictures as the year progressed, so it’s missing a lot of taped-up pictures and the canopy that I ended up hanging. The room is not huge, but it probably had more space than my AMR II room and it was cozy and all mine!


Against the right wall was a closet. It’s not the biggest room ever, but it had space for everything while forcing me to be tidy. More decorations got put up post-move in, and my room didn’t look so clean anymore (I like it that way.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.03.14 PM


People watching game became A+.

Pros: Commons is beautiful. Nolan’s (dining hall) is in the building. The view was insane. Our living room was the perfect lounge area.

Cons: Since we were 12 floors up, the elevator ride took a bit. Boo hoo.

Takeaway: 10/10 would live here again.


Baby’s first big girl apartment!

I live in an apartment building right across campus, directly next door to Commons. It’s an old 1920s building, and is coveted for its convenient location. I live in a 2 bedroom/2 bath with Emelynn!


The door with the spooky skeleton is the front door. The sofa and coffee table is on the immediate left; kitchen is the far left corner; dining table is the far right; to the right of the front door is the hallway to our bedrooms. It’s a huge space, and House Hunters would give its open floor plan two thumbs up.

We leave Halloween decorations up year-round, no shame.


Part of being a real human is having to buy furniture! We got this sofa from an older sister in Alpha Phi and I had this coffee table kicking around at home.

Walk down a long, long hallway to the left of the front door– E’s room is on the left, and mine is at the end.


Fun fact: our apartment used to be a one bedroom with a studio next door. They knocked down the wall and turned the studio into a bedroom, so my room is enormous! And has a weird former front door next to it. We used it once when Emelynn threw me a surprise birthday party.


Welcome to my room! I have two (TWO!) closets, my own bathroom, and a ton of space.


My desk is my happy place.


Or maybe my bed is. Missing: a huge canvas for over my bed that I will someday (never) paint.

Edit: it happened



Nightstand has plenty of books that I swear I totally read and candles because yay for no RAs!


My closets host clothes (yes, both of them, sorry not sorry), and I repurposed my bookshelf from home to hold miscellaneous stuff like cleaning supplies, socks, and command hooks.


Because The Charles is so old, I rely on a radiator for heat and an A/C unit for cold. As someone who prefers sleeping cold, I love the fact that sometime the radiator doesn’t work (friends can’t say the same). My dresser was kicking around in my dad’s garage from my nursery days. The only furniture I had to buy was my desk, the sofa, and the kitchen table! I feel very thrifty. Directly to the right of my dress is my bathroom. It makes it easy to hop out of the shower and immediately get dressed to beat the draft (a far cry from the AMR II shower shuffle).

Pros: There’s this weird deck area outside our living room window. Sometimes we break out and hang out up there (shh). My best friend lives upstairs, my other best friend lives with me, and my third best friend lives half a block away. My walk to the library, door to door, is about one and a half songs from my “~wintry~” playlist. I have a huge room and a big bed and life is grand.

Cons: Lack of natural light? Is that a thing? Sometimes the heat acts funny and the pipes are loud. No real complaints.

Takeaway: Life is swell is 108.