It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was time for crying, it was time for laughing. It was the time of celebration, it was the time of mourning. It was time for Registration.

If there’s one thing I wish someone would’ve told me before coming to Hopkins is that registration is war. It’s an all-out, everything counts, fight to the death for the 11am courses, the Freshman Seminars, that really easy Intro to Social Psych class, and more. People get up before sunset, prepare one or two or five of their best computers, and patiently wait with over-caffeinated souls to click “Register” as soon as the clock hits 6:58:58am or 7:00:00am or 7:00:02am (depends on which myth you believe about the ideal time for registration, which is announced to open at 7am).  Once it does, it’s all in the clicking. There are those with magical clicking abilities, that get into all their top courses. Then there are those who sleep just a minute too long and end up with a wait-list number with double digits.

I am proud to say that my clicking skills have finally come through, and managed to get into my top choice, Freshman Seminar: JHU Medicine. This is a course that explores the history of JHU Medicine and it’s many incredible figures. Sounds exciting, right?! But that meant giving up my second top choice, Introduction to Fiction and Poetry writing; an amazing creative writing course. So like I said, it was the best of times and the worst of times. Still very much looking forward to the great things to come next year, and the many unexpected over-caffeinated experiences that are coming my way.

PS. I’m freezing. It’s so cold. I have four layers of clothing on. I’m from the Caribbean, what is 27 degrees? Scarves are love, scarves are life.