I unabashedly love Shonda Rhimes. Okay, so if you know even a little bit about the glorious, empowered genius that is Shonda, you probably think I’m crazy for loving her. I mean people across the world credit their craziness and emotional distress to her dramatic TV shows and her heartbreaking ability to somehow know and destroy the characters we love the most (RIP Mark Sloan). I have been a loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan since it began. Don’t worry, in 2005 at the ripe age of 10 I was not allowed to watch the show, but come high school I was watching each and every episode. I’m one of those people that get attached to characters and as a result, I can’t quit shows. The characters almost become my friends, and as I watch their ups and downs, I want nothing more than to see their problems resolved. Okay…so now I probably officially sound crazy, but I stand by it. Grey’s has had its share of unfair character deaths, unbelievable drama, and ridiculous misunderstandings, but I can’t let it go.

anyone remember the old theme song?

Where am I going with this? Well let me tell you about my new tradition: Shonda Night. I know that I’m 100% not the first one to coin that term, but having a TV and a cable connection has drastically changed Thursday nights in apartment A2. PJs are put on, friends (read as: fellow Shonda lovers) come over, food is ordered, and of course, during commercial breaks reactionary discussions/screaming matches are had. After Grey’s there’s an hour of a new show that we don’t normally watch, but at 10PM you can bet that we are tuned in for How to Get Away with Murder. I’m a total cheater with that show because I haven’t seen any of the earlier seasons—I just watched the first episode of this season with my friends and was hooked because Shonda has a way of doing that.


Throwback pic of me & steph aka member of the fam and shonda fan club

Okay, I still need to get around to why I’m telling you this. I should have seen this coming, but senior year is passing by faster than expected. And by that I mean, it’s going way too fast. Next week is registration for our last semester at Hopkins, in just about two weeks is Thanksgiving, which means in just a little more than a month it’ll be finals and then BAM…only one semester left of college. Among classes, extracurriculars and mountains of job applications for my gap year, it’s hard to pause, take a break, and appreciate everything and everyone around me. So on Thursdays I can without fail count on a moment to sit down and breathe. I can hang out with my roommates and friends and appreciate the little family we’ve become these past 4 years.

To Shonda: thanks for making one of my favorite TV shows, but also for making sure I stop long enough to enjoy the senior year memories.