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It’s my final time doing one of these photographic reflections on my year, and more than anything, I’m impressed by the sheer number of pictures I posted. I think it’s a testament to a few things: I thought I was doing some really cool stuff, I wanted to show off these awesome things to others, and I desperately wanted to document senior year for myself.

At the end of junior year, I was terrified that the next year would fly by, and I’d be graduating before I could even catch my breath. But this was a loooong year. Looking back at my posts, I feel so distant from the photos I took over the summer, as if I had lived that summer a lifetime ago. It’s kind of nice, in a way, because it’s given me a nice, slow pace to enjoy my senior year, and now, I feel very ready for graduation.

Well, without further ado, here’s the final photograph year in review:

(Note: some posts have been omitted for brevity/relevancy/content)



I’ve posted this picture many-a-time on my blog, but I took it the first day of my internship at Karson Butler Events. How awesome is the DC design studio?! I felt so fulfilled and inspired being able to work here.











I snapped this little corner at Clavel, one of my favorite restaurants. It’s located super close to campus in Remington, and serves some of the best, most affordable food. They have happy hour on weeknights, which is a pretty irresistible deal. The interior of this place is so clean and gorgeous. 10/10








This past summer, I was working in DC, but remained living in Baltimore. This meant a few hours of commuting via MARC train every day. I became an absolute pro at the time tables, and spent a ton of time in Penn Station, which is really old-world and quaint.









Part of my duties at KBE was creating social media content. After our feature in Washingtonian Bride and Groom, I styled this little image of the spread to post.










One of the coolest things about interning on Capitol Hill (and just a couple blocks from the Supreme Court) was the ability to check out different political happenings on my lunch break. I attended this rally following a few huge Supreme Court rulings, and was seriously almost brought to tears by the energy and passion.








In contrast, this is Union Station. Union Station is enormous, and I would get lost in it before I figured out my way around. The front hall has this absolutely stunning architecture. I allowed myself a tourist-y moment and blended in with everyone else photographing the space to take this picture.








The BMA is essentially on the Homewood campus and is totally free, making is ridiculously easy to pop in and check out some amazing art whenever. This is the main courtyard of the museum, and the light in here is so beautiful.









I went to visit my good pal Megan while she was interning in New York this summer, and we went to check out the Psycho House exhibit on the rooftop of the Met. It felt especially fitting given that I would be TAing a class on Hitchcock that fall.









People often ask me if there are beaches close to campus. I guess it depends on your definition of “close,” but Assateague is about three hours from campus, and about 10000% worth the drive. Wild ponies roam the island and you get breathtaking sunsets like these. (And, disclaimer, there are beaches within an hour of campus)








This has nothing to do with my college experience, but my family got a kitten, and he is cute.










My little, Anna, spent the fall semester abroad in Prague, so she stopped by in Baltimore before leaving to hang out a bit! Megan, Anna, and I spent a fun, fun, fun evening in Fells eating tacos and taking pictures.









There’s major construction happening on the Gilman quad, so I wasn’t able to ring in the school year by snapping a shot of my most favorite building. Still, the lower quad, with Shriver Hall at the end, is majestic enough and just had to do.









I’m absolutely obsessed with all things fall, so you can imagine my joy one late September day when I went to the weekly Waverly Farmers’ Market and saw all kinds of gorgeous autumnal produce out. I love these weird gourd things, and they were only $1/piece!









It was a perfect fall day so Emelynn and I went to Hampden. I got my hair cut (check out those luscious curls that will never happen ever again!) and we went to the Charmery after for some pumpkin ice cream. This mural belongs to the tattoo parlor next door.









For my birthday, Octavia and I went to the BMA and just sort of walked around. I was working on a film project at the time (@DSLR in my hands) and needed to collect some footage. But we made it fun. Because we’re fun gals.









Megan, Emelynn, and I knew we wanted to do a group costume for Halloween, but we are procrastinators on a college budget. With $10, a glue gun, and an Amazon Prime account, we made these cactus costumes! All you need is a green tank top, white bendy straws, a headband, and fake flowers.









I took a class this past fall called Media Workshop, and it was awesome. We studied different filmmakers and theorists, and used their works as inspiration for our own films. Then, we screened our works and gave each other feedback. It was so rewarding to just be able to create and hone our own points of view.








For an Alpha Phi event, Octavia (who is also a film and media studies major) dressed up as film major stereotypes. We carried around disposable cameras and these signs and acted really dour.










I attended a graduate open house at MICA to learn more about the design programs and see if grad school was something that was really right for me. After just a few sessions of Q&As with students, I knew it was the right fit. I took this picture from Brown, where the Graphic Design MFA is housed, and crossed my fingers.








In high school, I was so tired and disillusioned that I swore I would just go to pastry school. Obviously, I didn’t, but I still hold a special place in my heart for getting way too extra when I make desserts. Happy Thanksgiving.









Going home for Thanksgiving = hanging with your cat.











Sugarvale is a great little bar in Mount Vernon, and it’s owned by the same people who operate Dooby’s. Lots of gin cocktails + this amazing snowflake installation with twinkle lights = Happy Gen!









Miracle on 34th Street is an iconic Baltimore tradition. I missed it last year, so Emelynn and I made sure this year was extra special. We grabbed dinner at Grano (an awesome pasta bar), checked out the lights, and then ate way too much pie at Dangerously Delicious Pies. Perfect winter day.








My best friend from home goes to school in Minnesota, so sadly we don’t get to see each other a ton, but we always make time on breaks to catch up.










There were a few days after returning for winter break in which none of my friends had come back yet, so I had a lot of time to just kind of explore and do my own thing. I spent a bunch of time just looking around at the Peabody Library, because really, no one can get enough of it.









The Peabody Library was also doing a really awesome exhibit on Edgar Allen Poe. He died in Baltimore, so we’ve kind of adopted him and his lore. The windows were covered in these gorgeous spooky illustrations. Right up my alley.









One of the awesome things about going to Hopkins is it’s so easy to go down to DC… which pretty much everyone did for the Women’s March. It was such an inspiring, moving day, and I met some awesome women while we waited in line for three hours to get onto a train.









Since this was my last year of recruitment for Alpha Phi, I commemorated each day with Polaroids. This day was so fun and shiny and glitzy and I’m so proud of Anna and Octavia for making it happen.









Bid Day is the grand finale of recruitment, and it’s an Alpha Phi tradition that the seniors all wear crazy animal onesies. Well, because Emelynn and I are iconoclasts, we skipped that. And still had an awesome time welcoming all of the new members (haaay JHU_Jenna and JHU_Kaylee!)








I served as Art Director for a friend’s amazing Studio North film. It was such an amazing hands-on experience. I met talented people from other Baltimore colleges, and had the opportunity to work with professional actors. The days were sooo long and exhausting, but I know the final product is gonna be amazing!








I took this after I was walking back to the bus from my interview at MICA. I felt like I was floating on a cloud, just so excited and hopeful. While crossing the Howard St Bridge, I spotted this graffiti. It was weird and wonderful and I’m open to any kind of interpretations as to its meaning.








My friend Jack has the strongest Instagram game of anyone I know, and he lent me his expertise by taking this picture of me while we were strolling around in Hampden.










Emelynn was recovering from tonsil surgery over her birthday, so we delayed the celebration. Finally, we made it out to Bottega for dinner, which is this intimate, delicious Italian place. Station North is kind of magical at night.









When my parents go out of town, they leave our dog, Cricket, with me to take care of. (In fact, she’s here with me right now!) She loved playing fetch on the Beach, and made friends with many dog-deprived students.









For International Women’s Day, Emelynn and I spent the day together in Hampden! We shopped a little (she bought a uterus pin) and hung out at Golden West Cafe, one of our favorite spots. I had a migraine earlier in the day and it was a great way to recover and feel like myself again.









I love this picture so much (clearly, @red heart). I had just gotten my acceptance from MICA, and we also had a snow day. Emelynn and I completed our snow day tradition of going to Pete’s Grille for pancakes, and then we stopped into Giant and she bought me this Mike Wasowski balloon as a congratulations. He had an MU had, which we altered to say MICA, and he slowly deflated in my room because I liked him too much to give him up. Also, I ditched the borders!!!









And the day after the snowstorm, somehow, some of the blossoms on campus survived. They looked especially pretty against the gray sky.









I snagged tickets to the Kusama exhibit and spent a day in DC checking it our and poking around the monuments. It was the first day of spring break, so while everyone was traveling home, I was engrossed in some awesome art.










My official announcement of my decision to attend MICA. Not that it was a difficult one.









Like I said, breaks = hanging with your cat.









More shameless Kusama posting. It was just so amazing. Every year, some kind of modern art exhibit in DC becomes all the rage (last year it was Wonder at the Renwick), and luckily, DC is so accessible.











Charmington’s is one of my favorite cafes to visit when I wanna hop off campus without a huge commitment. On our walk back, we found this amazing ivy wall, and had an impromptu photoshoot.











I’m just really obsessed with the blooming trees on campus. That is all.









I was apartment hunting a few weeks ago (I now officially have a place!!), and my mom and I stopped into the Main building of MICA, which has the most gorgeous, classical architecture. It really made me feel like “Wow, I’m here,” like the first time I walked into Gilman at Hopkins.









The Howard St Bridge is a bit of a Baltimore icon. It’s super colorful, and you drive under it on the highway when you’re heading into the city. I used this picture in a photoshop project for class, so I felt ~inspired~ to post it.








On Easter, it was 85 degrees out (!!!), so Megan, Emelynn, and I walked to Hampden to go to the Charmery. The place was absolutely hoppin’ and they had really awesome flavors for the day. Perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday.








Looking back at the year, it’s been ups and downs and all over the place, so much has changed and yet so much as stayed the same. I feel very at peace seeing all of the things I’ve done and moments I’ve captured. People are surprised when I tell them I feel pretty ready to graduate, but that’s only because I really feel like I took advantage of all that Hopkins has to offer. I’ve done so much and I’ll be leaving Hopkins knowing that I made the most of it.