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It’s easy to focus on the glamorous aspects of life at Hopkins. Exploring Baltimore, eating great food,  and Spring Fair are all fun topics to post about, but what about the reason I’m here? Academics?
Well don’t worry dedicated Hopkins Interactive readers, I still go to class and learn things… Not many, but a few. I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’m working on in some of my classes.

Intellectual stimulation!

Intellectual stimulation!

First and foremost, I’ve been working on a paper in my metaphysics class centered around the topic of parsimony. Parsimony ( or Occam’s razor) is generally defined as the theoretical virtue of simplicity. My project is to exam what justifications for supporting parsimony exist. Why is it exactly that we value simplicity. I examine a couple different routes for justifying parsimony, through aesthetic value, empirical success in our best models of nature, and an a priori, logical justification. The topic combines a couple of my philosophical interests, philosophy of science and metaphysics, so I’ve been really excited to work on that topic.

I’ve also been deciding on a topic to research for my philosophy and cognitive science seminar (suggestions appreciated). I met with my professor yesterday (Steven Gross amazing guy, highly recommended) and discussed a paper centered around a recent distinction between cognitive representations, and simply environmentally sensitive stimuli.

I know these topics don’t seem like much, but the best part of college (so far) has been engaging with challenging material in interesting fields. Philosophy doesn’t taste good, and you can’t really Instagram it, but its an incredible feeling to wake up everyday and be passionate about your education!