I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a couple of pivotal moments in a young person’s life where one realizes that they are, indeed, now an adult.

ex. 1: When you start making sure to bring a jacket whenever you leave the house.

ex.  2: When you start drinking almond milk because you think your lactase levels are depleting with age.

Last week, I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from my 9-to-5 job to pick up some chicken thighs for dinner.

This was my pivotal moment.

Adulting 2

I’m in Baltimore for the summer and living in a house off-campus definitely is the catalyzer for feeling old. It comes with routine and responsibilities. I make mental (and physical) notes to remember everything.

Take out trash, after 6pm on Mondays. Pick up Drano from store for third floor bathroom. Call Comcast about spotty Wi-Fi. Check to see if washing machine is leaking.

All this, plus work a full day of my research internship at the School of Public Health and you will find me passed out in bed before midnight on most weeknights. Yet, there’s something very invigorating about being a young aspiring professional experiencing bits and pieces of adulthood. I get excited about the clinical data I’m starting to look at, and the people I get to work with in the Department of Biostatistics. I find myself pleasantly surprised with how easy and cost-effective it was to make my own cold-brew coffee this morning.

(ex. 3: When you start liking things because of how easy and cost-effective they are.)

I feel hip and thrifty when I shop for used furniture in the Hopkins “Free & For Sale” Facebook group. I walk with a spring in my step through the showroom at IKEA, amazed at a) how well the company has developed its brand, b) how much money I spend there (in multiple trips), and c) how dope their consumer analytics team must be. And of course, I feel a smile forming across my face as I think about my paycheck at the end of this month.

Adulting 1

And while these things may not seem very fun to most people, I still also have time for more colloquial fun. I just spent the past 5 days camping at Firefly Music Festival in the greatest state in America, jamming to Blink-182 and Porter Robinson (and low-key Mumford & Sons — I’ve been listening to their newest release, Johannesburg non-stop since Firefly ended). I’m making plans to see Finding Dory in theaters. I’ve hung out with friends on enough Charles Village back-decks in the past two weeks to last a lifetime. Basically I’m at this weird stage of life where simultaneously, I want to dance for 12 straight hours in 90 degree weather and also be able to cozy up in my bed by 10pm, and where I pay my rent and gas, electricity, water, and credit card bills, and then proceed to go see an animated film about talking sea-life.

I’m not exactly sure what the main takeaway is supposed to be from this blog. Possible theses:

  • Baltimore in the summer is a grand time.
  • Feeling like an adult is being tired 98% of the time. Feeling excited about weird adult responsibilities might just be a me thing.