Out for a bite at OneWorld with my lovely RA, Brittany

I’ve been asked a lot by prospective students, parents, and friends how much Hopkins students get to leave campus and the truth is: a lot! Hopkins makes it incredibly easy to explore around and outside campus, and a lot of people take advantage of this opportunity. I’m always up for an adventure, so I did some research, talked to my RA and found the fastest/easiest ways to get around the city!

Within the first two weeks of school, my friends and I decided to go to Inner Harbor, and getting there was as easy as can be. We looked up the schedule for the JHMI Shuttle which picked us up right in front of the Barnes and Noble on campus. The shuttle makes lots of stops including Penn Station, Peabody Conservatory and the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. To get to the Harbor, we got off at Penn Station. From Penn Station, we hopped (no pun intended) on the Charm City Circulator—Baltimore’s free public transportation. The Circulator has multiple different routes (Purple route for the Harbor!) that link major parts of the city together. The buses are efficient, on time, and to top it off are environmentally friendly! Plus, the schedule for the next arriving bus is always posted at the bus stops, which is really helpful. To get back, we took the Charm City Circulator to Peabody, got picked up by the JHMI Shuttle and we were back at Barnes and Noble in no time. It’s fast, easy and free (which was super nice)…just remember to check bus schedules!

While waiting for the Charm City Circulator at Penn Station we found a little festival, met some new people, and played (an intense) game of Four Square!

This weekend a couple of us decided to head to Towson Mall. This time, we took the Collegetown Shuttle. This free shuttle is a great resource for college students in Baltimore. It picks up students from six schools around Baltimore and takes them to Towson Center, Towson Place, and Penn Station, and all you need is your student ID. The shuttle picked us up across the street from Barnes and Noble, picked up students from other schools, and dropped us off right in front of the Towson Town Center Mall. It was nice to relax and go shopping for a bit (and it was fun to see JHU_Hayley there!), and when we were ready to come back, we simply checked the schedule and caught the next Collegetown Shuttle back to campus.

Though there is a lot of transportation available to students, I personally love walking. On Saturday morning, my suite-mate and I decided to check out the Farmer’s Market on 32nd Street. A short 10-minute walk later, we were at what is now one of my favorite places in Baltimore so far. Local farmers as well as farmers from neighboring states had their produce, pastries, dairy products, chocolate, you name it—and everything looked delicious! Everyone was friendly and it was fun to see so many people enjoying the morning market. I ended up buying some Honeycrisp apples, a freshly baked baguette, and some yummy homemade hummus. Not to mention I purchased the best glass of lemonade I’ve ever had—ginger cardamom lemonade (mmm my mouth is watering). I already can’t wait to go back to see what they’ll have in the weeks to come!

There are lots of options for students to get around and about Baltimore, and it really is a wonderful opportunity. I’ve heard so many great things about the culture of the city, and I can’t wait to see more of its charm over the next four years!