Hello, my name is JHU_Emily, and I hate don’t mind kind of like enjoy mornings.

That’s right. In a weird turn of events since college started two years ago, I’ve become –gasp- a morning person.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.57.16 PM

A recently revived pre-college Facebook post revealed I used to be like the rest of you

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I was subsequently called out

My love affair with the early hours came mostly out of necessity. During finals of sophomore fall, I had five cumulative exams in rapid-fire succession, so getting to the library early was not only vital to fit all of orgo and differential equations into my head but also to secure a seat in my favorite row of cubicles on B level. By about day three of reading period, the wake ups began getting earlier (about 6:45 to get to the library by 7:30) and my affection for mornings began.

Despite not having class until noon most days this semester, my alarm still goes off at 7 so I can catch up on work/ do reading/ fold laundry before heading off to campus for the day.

Most mornings look somewhat like today. On Mondays, I have a meeting with my PI at 9am but then don’t have class until Electronics and Circuit Engineering Lab at 12. Despite that, I like to cram as much into my first waking hours as possible.

6:30 am: I wake up for the first time to the sound of the lacrosse practice on the Homewood Field. I sigh and roll back over for another half hour.

7:00 am: My real alarm goes off. I grab my phone and scroll through some social media posts that have emerged in the past 6 hours.

7:08 am: My second alarm goes off. Time to get up.

7:09 am: I wander into my kitchen and boil water to make coffee in my French press, aka the best kitchen appliance since the toaster. I also grab laundry out of the dryer that’s conveniently placed in the kitchen. (Perks of off-campus life)

7:20 am: My coffee is ready. I pour my first cup for the morning and start getting dressed and making myself presentable for the ~~fans~~

7:45 am: I fold laundry while watching an episode of Bob’s Burgers, my current Netflix binge


I identify heavily with Tina Belcher

8:06 am: I go back to the kitchen, pour myself another coffee, and make breakfast. Just to confirm everything on Pinterest, avocado toast is great.

8:10 am: While eating, I read my SBE lecture for the day. Lecture isn’t until 3:00, but I’ve found that at least glancing over the material helps me understand the lectures better.


8:30 am: I pack my lunch in my super cool solar system lunchbox. Today is a tomato and hummus sandwich, some pretzels, and an apple I salvaged from this past weekend’s admission open house.

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Amazon Prime saves lives and also lunches

8:38 am: I pack my backpack for the day and head out to campus with my roommate Simi who also has a 9am meeting

Not only does this happen on weekdays, but I’ve also begun getting up early on weekends (usually around 8) to go to the Farmer’s Market, early morning design team meetings, and even just to do work.

Is it strange? A sign of premature aging? Maybe a bit excessive at times?

Perhaps. But for some reason, it seems to work.


Loving mornings will never make me love my bed less.