To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Now that I’m back at home for Spring Break (sadly, no tropical vacations for me this year), I’ve had the great opportunity to catch up with friends and family and talk about all the new things we’ve been doing. Through this process, I’ve stopped and realized that even over the last few months, a lot has changed with what I’ve been doing extracurricularly! When I started out college, I felt the need to jump into a bunch of things and hit the ground running. While this is a great way to meet new people and become integrated into the Hopkins community, I was wrong to think that I would be doing the same thing for 4 years straight!

There are so many different clubs, organizations, and research opportunities at Hopkins and it is totally okay to join and pursue new things at any point in your college career. While I’m still keeping up my past commitments (Swim Team, cardiology research, Hopkins Insider, etc.) I’ve been excited to join a few new groups and continue to strengthen my network of friendship and support at Hopkins.

TriBeta – TriBeta is the National Biological Honor Society, and applications open up to sophomore students interested in biology. You don’t even have to be a biology major to join, you only have to have a certain GPA, have taken a certain number of upper level biology classes, and have done credited research in biology. The organization holds faculty luncheons and talks to help us get to know our Biology faculty on a more personal level, and also organizes two mentorship programs, one within the Biology undergrads at Hopkins, and another with high school students at a local Baltimore public school. They also host fun events like Doggies and Donuts, where Biology faculty bring their dogs in to help everyone destress before exams. Donuts are also provided! It has been great getting to know some more Bio kids on campus and get to know my past, present, and future professors better.

some Cell Bio Notes

Bones – I’ve recently started working in the Department of Functional Anatomy and Evolution (what I affectionately call bones) once a week, and I’ve been loving it! Last spring I took a class called Mammalian Evolution and absolutely loved the subject matter. It was such an interesting aspect of Biology that I hadn’t learned much about before, and I decided that just one semester wasn’t enough for me. Here, I get to scan casts of mammalian teeth and jaws to help us learn more about how dental morphology correlates with dietary niche. I’ve been asking lots of questions and soaking everything in!

 A monkey skull! (circa the 1960s)

WHPLS  – Another organization I’ve been lucky enough to join this semester is the Women’s Pre-Health Leadership Society. This is a great group of ladies on campus all connected by our love of health and medicine, and it has been a great way to connect with many of the women who will be my future colleagues! The organization has lots of different roles on the Hopkins campus as well as in the Baltimore community. On campus, we hold Conversations in Medicine events where professionals come in to present and answer questions about their careers in medicine. We also host an annual conference bringing in many physicians for a day of medicine, food, and fellowship. Within the community, WHPLS organizes many service ventures ranging from mentoring middle school students to playing with children at parts of the Hopkins Hospital. It has been a great organization to be a part of so far and I can’t wait for all the great things to come!

These are three new things I’ve started up in the second half of sophomore year. What I love about Hopkins is that there so many things to become involved in and it’s never too late to jump into a new and exciting club, organization, or research in a field you are passionate in.