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me in love with my (soy!) gelato

You know how you always see those “sad” posts where people talk about how their one true love is food? I’m here to say that this statement is 100% true and is not sad at all. I am wholly, completely, and indescribably in love with food (okay, I know that some of my friends reading this are scoffing because I have dietary restrictions but I really love the food that I can eat!!). I stand by the rule that there’s nothing a truly good meal can’t fix, and that’s why I couldn’t be more excited that from February 15-28th, it’s Baltimore’s Restaurant Week.

As a naïve freshman, I didn’t know what Restaurant Week really entailed, because even though (as I just found out) St. Louis did have one, I didn’t venture too far out into the foodie world at home. I preferred to stay in and eat the delicious food that my mom made, or I went for the usual: a trip to Dewey’s Pizza or an entire day spent in Bread Co. (aka Panera). At college, not all of my food go-to’s were an option, and my friends and I—with the help of Yelp and Urbanspoon—discovered the joy in doing a little research and finding just the right type of food to hit the spot. Unfortunately, by the time I realized that Restaurant Week was an open opportunity to try regionally and nationally ranked food that I otherwise may not be able to afford, it was over. This year though, I came prepared. All the right Facebook events and pages were liked, and all notifications were turned on. This year, a whopping 101 restaurants are participating.

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Like is this a real question? These Buzzfeed “would you rather’s” are really so simple because brownies



My meal at Miss Shirley’s. I’m drooling a little thinking about it.


Scrolling through the options is slightly overwhelming, but I can’t wait to find new favorite restaurants with my friends. This week is a little busy with exams and assignments, but I’m positive we’ll find a day or night to go out. I’m hoping that one of our meals is brunch, because let’s be real, brunch food is the best (Miss Shirley’s is divine and is participating! I also recommend Jimmy’s at Fells Point). If you’re interested in looking at all of the food here’s the link. My personal favorites on the list include: The Helmand, Dooby’s, Gertrude’s, Indigma, La Tasca, and Miss Shirley’s. Happy eating!