Autumn seemed to fall upon us here at Hopkins (pun absolutely intended). I’ve been noticing some changes lately, and here’s what I see at the top five biggest changes about autumn at Hopkins. All of the photos have been taken by fellow members of the Class of 2019.

1.) Iced coffee turning into hot coffee. The café in Brody Learning Commons has a truly incredible selection of drinks with and without caffeine. The Ferrero Roche mocha has me like *heart eyes emoji*. People have seemed to switch over from the clear cold cups at the Brody Café to warm ones to keep out the light Baltimore chill.

You Wang

Gilman Hall by You Wang

2.) EVENTS. EVERYWHERE. Now that the semester is at full speed, clubs and groups are organizing their shows, meet & greets, food tastings, and concerts. The Class of 2019 Facebook group is full of student’s sharing their club’s events. I have been going to a lot of sororities’ “Meet the Sisters” events, as I plan to go through the Recruitment process and join a sorority here on campus.

Alexandria Soto1

Mason Hall (the Admissions Office’s home) by Alexandria Soto

3.) Midterm cramming. Because Hopkins is, y’know, a school, midterms are a necessary part of life here on campus. The upside is that there is an environment for any type of studying, from your dorm room, to the silent D-Level in the library, to the hustle-and-bustle of the Gilman Atrium or Brody Café. There are also tons of study resources if you need help! I often use the Learning Den for my Elements of Macroeconomics class.

Alexandria Soto

AMR II (my home!) by Alexandria Soto

4.) Planning for Next Semester. Already? Already. Freshmen register for next semester’s classes on November 16th this year, and I’ve been excitedly arranging and re-arranging possible courses, picking backups and making sure that I’ll enjoy my studies while they fulfill requirements for my major, International Studies, or my minor, Italian.

Hayden Millington

Gilman Hall by Hayden Millington

5.) Campus being too beautiful for words. I’m originally from Chicago, so the seasons changing isn’t really a big surprise to me, but orange and yellow leaves against a backdrop of Gilman Hall is breathtaking. The sun is setting at about 5pm nowadays, so I can sometimes walk out of class and see a gorgeous sunset. This is quintessential Hopkins and I wouldn’t want to spend my first fall away from home anywhere else.