It feels like it’s been days, weeks, months since I’ve seen their faces. I check the time and nope, it’s been like one hour tops. It’s calling me, the little smiling ghost in its cute little yellow square. It’s time to snapchat.

foto copy 2

A snap from the series “hey. wat up.” that my friend Anna and I started

Anytime is the perfect time to snapchat. There’s something so rewarding about making the weirdest faces possible to send to all of your friends and receiving them back. Plus, let’s be honest, there’s nothing like making ugly faces to solidify a friendship. And there’s an added bonus—it’ll be gone in a few seconds (unless your friends are ninjas at taking screenshots on their phones, in which case, snap carefully my friends).


From the “swiggity swag” days

It’s hands-down my favorite form of social media available, and mainly because it’s a fantastic way to keep in touch. During the school year, my friends from home and I snapchat nonstop: introducing new friends to each other and sharing the wonders of our respective libraries late at night.  My friends and I at school also snap each other nonstop, because sometimes it is weird to not have seen their faces for over an hour. Or maybe we have to show off the delicacies that we’ve made in the common kitchen, or how wonderfully decorative our suite was for the holidays.  During reading period, we let our creative sides out as we created artistic snaps as a form of stress release.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.46.47 PM

Creative snaps featuring my lovely friends Miguel and Anna

Over winter break, Snapchat has, once again, been the best. We all went home across the country and across the world and we were still able to capture seconds of our holidays and families to share with our friends. This time we got to snap with our friends from home to introduce them to our friends from school. There was also an abundance of gross face making accompanied with the caption: I miss you.  With the start of intersession on January 6th, snapchat proved that I couldn’t wait to get back to school. Pictures of groups of friends on campus made me feel desperately homesick for Homewood, and feel so excited to get back for my B’More: Homelessness course for the last week of intersession. Thank you, Snapchat; you’ve made sharing crazy experiences fun, made staying in touch easy, and encouraged a creative way of overcoming boredom! I will most definitely be a life-long fan.


No better way to start off 2014 than with good friends and a weird picture

P.S. I know there’s been some recent controversy with the app regarding privacy invasions which makes me very sad, but hopefully we can snap safely again very soon…so don’t lose hope and remain loyal!


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