The phrase “Human Anchor” was one coined by my good pal JHU_Molly, and as I scroll through photos of my older friends graduating this week, I can’t help but think about the importance of finding your real Human Anchors™

I gazed upon photos upon photos of faces wearing identical robes, hats, and expressions. The smiles said “We did it” and the eyes said, “I can’t believe we’re done.” It’s weird to think that in one short year, I’ll be the one (hopefully) flitting across the stage and receiving that piece of paper to prove that I am indeed a Biomedical Engineer.

It’s even weirder to think about that in about one year plus one day, I’ll have to take up my own anchors and sail away onto whatever’s coming next (excuse the cheesy metaphor; it’s just too easy). But for right now, I’d like to grab the mic and give a few shout-outs to those anchors who have helped to keep me ~afloat~

From the self-described Work Wives, who have similar tastes in both classes and the Indian food that we’ve Grub-Hubbed to campus whilst studying for Controls/SBE/Drawing Class


To the friends that have (somehow) stuck with you since your Wolman 4 East days


And not to mention the people that are also 21 going on 45 but really just mentally  en route to the retirement home


From the roommates that will deal with you in the morning as you shuffle to the kitchen pre-coffee


To your fellow Design Team juniors who will help you debug your code and chuckle at the GIFs you send during Sunday morning meetings


And to the homiez that are willing to do anything from chat about pop culture in a group message


to going salsa dancing


to racing in shopping carts in some alleyway somewhere


and of course willing to flop/do nothing/listen to you complain about nothing/ endulging your caffeine habit (even though you proooooobably shouldnt have that fifth travel mug of coffee)


Not to mention all the pals who don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories/ are always willing to respond to texts at weird times of the day & night / are always there despite the fact that they’re not physically there

1173720_10207621612951977_1663982820385290953_n (1)

ie the fellow fanz of Clara Barton

Thank you to my Human Anchors. I can’t imagine Hopkins without y’all.


(And a special s/o to my HopMom/ cool aunt/ favorite new graduate JHU_Grace. I can’t imagine Hop without your couch/ balcony/ affinity for early 2000s rap.)