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Profile image of alumna Andrea Massaro

Name Andrea Massaro

Class Year 2015

Major B.A. in Film & Media Studies and Writing Seminars

Hometown Oceanport, NJ

Current Industry Film/TV

Current Occupation MFA candidate in the Producers Program at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television and working in Motion Picture Development at Lionsgate

Current Location Los Angeles, CA

Internships & Pre-Professional Experience at JHU Theatrical Publicity Intern at Lionsgate, Production Intern at Atlas Media Corp, Features Intern at The Baltimore Sun, Publicity Intern at Wunderkind PR, Videographer/Editor for JHU Undergraduate Admissions, and Teaching Assistant for JHU Film & Media Studies Program

Campus Involvement Film Society, Habitat for Humanity, J.Magazine, Kappa Alpha Theta

Favorite Hopkins Memory During my freshman year, I really loved staying up late on the weekends and hanging out with the people on my floor in Wolman 5E. Those were the nights that I look back on the most, eating cheeseballs from Charmar or playing Super Smash Bros or exploring campus late at night, making friendships that I have until this day.

What do you miss most about being a Hopkins student? I miss my classes and the students in them. Most of them were seminar-style, and in the creative world, there’s nothing better than getting to workshop your prose or get feedback on a rough cut of your film from not only your professors but also your talented classmates. The Hopkins classroom was really crucial to my development as a filmmaker, helping to shape my ideas and art.

Knowing what you know now, what would you want to tell your pre-college self? I would tell myself not to worry about the future. I was obsessed with trying to figure out what I wanted to do after I graduated. I only really discovered that I wanted to pursue film after I stopped worrying and put that time and energy towards my classes and internships. It’ll all work out in the end!

How do you feel Hopkins prepared you for where you are now? In my industry, it’s necessary to be able to speak your mind really clearly and succinctly. All of the presentations, papers and critical thinking I did at Hopkins have helped me to learn to organize my thoughts in an efficient way and to communicate better. It’s a really valuable skill that was ingrained into all of my classes, and it’s probably why I am where I am now.

How did going to school in Baltimore affect your college experience? Baltimore was close to home for me, which I loved, but it was also a great city to grow in. The Maryland Film Festival was held every year in May, so it was awesome to get to see the films accepted there. Creating films in Baltimore was also a great learning experience because the city is super accommodating to filmmakers. We got tons of location and food donations. It’s just a really friendly city with lots of cool opportunities.

Who was your favorite professor/what was your favorite class and why? I honestly loved all of my professors in the Film & Media Studies Program, so I can’t choose a favorite. I learned so much about film production, film theory and screenwriting from John Mann, Linda DeLibero, Meredith Ward, Matt Porterfield, Lucy Bucknell, Roberto Buso-Garcia… you really can’t find a better group of faculty anywhere else.