There are moments in my college experience where I find myself stepping back and thinking woah, that’s pretty cool. Sometimes it’s something as trivial and generic as me walking to class; still, after 2+ years as a college student, it’s startling to find myself in those shoes.

I’m sort of perpetually having one of these surreal moments this semester. But this time, it’s for something that’s actually, truly, really cool.

IMG_4291Hopkins and MICA partnered to renovate the historic Centre Theatre in Station North into a kickass film clubhouse. Film students at both schools now have their very own building, in Baltimore’s arts and entertainment district, to learn and hang out in.


Talk about surreal.

Every Tuesday, I take the 10:15 JHMI shuttle to North Ave. It’s a super short ride, and full of people in my class. I arrive at the Centre, swipe in using my nifty MICA ID, and make my way to my classroom on the second floor. There, I have The Films of Alfred Hitchcock, a 300 level course with Professor DeLibero, the department chair. Basically, this whole experience is perfect.


MICA ID, feat some cats so you don’t steal my information

The Centre is gorgeous, with a fabulous marquee, and great art deco architecture. The inside is shiny white; the tables in my classroom are so new and bright that I have to squint during lecture. There’s a brand new sound stage, which also has green screen capabilities, allowing students to complete studio shooting rather than just location shooting. A Peabody faculty member designed a sound booth, which is so eerily quiet inside that I got a headache. And there’s The Cage, where students can check out state-of-the-art film equipment. There is a workspace for computers (which I’m assuming are equipped with editing software—I still haven’t registered my MICA ID to log on!), a theater for screenings, and a couple of lounges.

I feel so #blessed that Hopkins has invested in the arts. It makes what I’m pursuing feel real and valued. I’ve never felt overshadowed or belittled by the sciences at Hopkins, but it is nice to receive the same kind of recognition and care as other departments. There aren’t that many of us in the film department—just by guessing, I’d say around 40 majors—and MICA students are a too-often-forgotten population of the Baltimore college scene. But we have our own place! A place where people can make films! A place where I can discuss voyeurism and Mulvey’s theories as they relate to Rear Window! It’s all for me!

It really is like a little film clubhouse.

You can read more about the Centre and see some super professional photos here.