Molecular and Cellular Biology/Spanish for the Professions

Ria A.

Hi, I'm Ria! I'm a freshman from San Ramon, California (shoutout to my Bay Area people). Currently, I'm majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Spanish for the Professions! I love lists (and parentheses), hot mugs of tea, journaling at 2 AM, and singing loudly in the shower when I think no one's around. When I'm not writing about my experiences here at Hopkins, you can usually find me teaching Science Olympiad to middle school kids through Charm City Science League, or giving tours around campus as part of Blue Key. Coming to Hopkins from 2500 miles across the country was not an easy decision (6 hour flights are NOT fun), but I can confidently say that I've found my new home. If you're interested in reading about the shenanigans I get myself into, stick around :^)