Neuroscience, History of Science, Medicine, & Technology

Taharat S.

Hey, I’m Taharat! I’m a freshman from Ellicott City, Maryland (only half an hour away from Hopkins!) double majoring in Neuroscience and the History of Science, Medicine & Technology. I’ve always had a sort of love-affair (as I affectionately call it) with the brain, learning about the different (and widely varied) neural mechanisms that make us who we are. I am, however, equally as enamored by the humanities, being able to map out cross-cultural differences throughout human history. On campus, I’m part of the Special Collections Freshman Fellowship, conduct research at The Schizophrenia Center down at the med campus, and am an attorney for Hopkins’ Mock Trial team! When I’m not doing all (or none) of the above, you can catch me writing (for Hopkins Insider, of course), embroidering, or power-napping!