Since starting college, I’ve become somewhat of a nomad.

When I pack my bag in the morning before going to class, I don’t always know where the day will take me.

Will I be back to my room at all during the day?

What’s the weather going to be like?

Am I going to need to bring candy to reward myself for every 15 minutes of class that goes by without me checking my phone?

These are all legitimate questions that go through my mind when getting ready for the day’s adventures.

My vessel of choice is a red backpack, a bag large enough to hold everything that I need and in a characteristic enough color that my friends can see me from a mile away on campus.


Backpack more like fifth appendage


I always make sure to have my laptop, as most of my homework assignments are posted to the Internet (and also because you never know when you may have a few minutes to watch the latest episode of Parks and Rec between classes). Along with my computer, I have a notebook and folder for each class, to hold my class notes and any handouts professors may provide.


MacBook > Textbook


Color coordination makes everything better



In the front pocket, I keep pens (a large number of which were taken from Mason Hall during SAAB meetings), pencils, highlighters, and pretty much any other sort of writing utensil you could possibly imagine, short of a quill and ink.


I’m not saying that I write with a Goofy pen on a regular basis, but I’m also not saying that I don’t


When going through this pocket, I also found Sudafed and cough drops, bringing back the memories of when I was sick a few weeks ago.

In the main pocket, I always make sure to have both a phone and computer charger. Every library cubicle, along with every seat in several lecture halls, has an outlet so you never run into the unfortunate problem of not being able to find your friends in the library because your phone/ computer/ Kimmunicator died.


Call me/ Beep me/ If you wanna reach me


In terms of odds and ends, I also carry around headphones, my wallet, Chapstick, snacks, and glucose tablets, as well as a water bottle and coffee mug to stay on top of my hydration and coffee needs.


Is this excessive? Maybe. But in the spirit of the Boy Scouts, I like to always be prepared for what the day will throw my way, whether it be an unexpected study group in the middle of Brody, dance party in front of CharMar or impromptu hour of TV watching in any of the random corners/ cafes on campus.


Was this a study group or Netflix viewing party? The world will never know.